Saturday, April 28, 2012

Twisted Love (2012) Movie Review

Thanks to MM2 Entertainment, I was able to catch the gala premiere of the movie Twisted Love which happened on Thursday, April 19, 2012. The kind folks even helped me to sort out some problems that were created by an irresponsible so called media network platform (hope I didn't cause too much of a hassle).

Anyway, not knowing what kind of movie to expect of this, I was just hoping that it's not a horror movie because I just hate to watch horror movie on the big screen due to the sound system of the theater (it can really give you a heart attack, wei!).

At 8:30pm, the event started off with this person as the host:

There were giveaway of prizes which are notebooks and the director and the actors and actresses made an appearance:

After the signing ceremony on the board, a little over 9pm, it was time to head in to the movie halls along with the casts for the show:

The movie contains 3 stories in them. The show is more of a comedic nature rather than a horror flick although it's about ghosts.

The 1st talks of a drug dealer guy name Ah Guan who got a girl pregnant despite being a married person. The girl one day called him up to tell it to him when they went for a drive. Upset with the news, the guy drove real fast and with the girl's intervention, it was also a haphazard drive. Pretty soon, they ended up in an accident where the girl flew out of the car and died when her head hit the rocks. The guy who survived, feared that he will get into trouble and flee from the spot as far as he can. After walking awhile, he started hearing sounds and called out but there were no answer. Walking on, he started being very afraid when he found out he was back at the accident site despite walking straight at one direction. What's more, the girl who died on the car bonnet was missing. He soon found himself fighting for his life against the ghost of the girl.

The 2nd story was about 4 flight attendants where the 2 male flight attendants took the 2 girls to have a night at the club. But the 2 guys spiked the drinks of the girls so that they could get laid. In the course of managing to get one into bed, she accidentally slipped, fell and seemingly died. The guys soon found themselves killing more and more people to cover up when they keep getting discovered. Will they manage to get away with murder?

The last story is about a girl who's possessed by her father's spirit and so, the mother decided to seek help from a Chinese medium to dispel the father's spirit out of her daughter. The 2 that were sought, however, were actually con men whom one of them is tired to live the lie anymore and decided to help this lady instead even though this is their 1st real case and he's doing this for one last time. Would they be able to dispel the spirit that's haunting the family with their inexperience?

The show was way too confusing for me to understand fully what is going on, not sure whether it's because of my limited ability in Mandarin and the many story jumps that's causing it. Anyway, I feel that it deserves a 2.5 stars out of 5.


Koh Kian Fai said...

hmmm got Mark lee wei lol XD

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Got. He even made an appearance and we watch the movie with him. XD