Monday, April 02, 2012

Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Review

We're all familiar with the fairy tale of snow white and the seven dwarfs which was brought to life and made famous by Walt Disney, but here's an interesting twist to the ever classic fairy tale.

Julia Roberts plays the wicked evil queen who took over control when Snow White's father who's the ruler of the kingdom seemingly had died caused by a terrible beast in the woods. This also frightens the townspeople who were too afraid of the beast to go against the queen.

The queen lives a lavish life while feeding on the taxes towards the townspeople and she wants to be even more richer and to be the most fairest and most beautiful of them all. And so, she had a prince that set towards the kingdom that she desired to marry. But due to the spunky Snow White being in the way and the prince was enticed by her irresistible good looks, he was swayed towards her.

This angered the Queen very much and plot to banish Snow White in the woods having the servant kill her. But the servant being a loyal one to her father before the reign of the Queen, advised Snow White to run away as far and quickly away from the woods as possible while he deceive the Queen into thinking that Snow White has been murdered by him.

During Snow White's haste to escape from whatever lurks in the woods, she accidentally bumped herself unconscious by the seven dwarfs home. The seven dwarfs who were actually bandits and thieves, were also enchanted by Snow White and therefore gain an alliance between them. When Snow White heard of what they were and their sad history and that they had stolen the people's money when the royal carriage had collected the taxes from the Town Magistrate, Snow White returned the monies back to the town with the seven dwarfs in pursuit to get it back. Snow White's quick thinking had made the dwarfs heroes instead of how they were shunned back in the old days.

After that fiasco, the dwarfs had agreed to go along with Snow White's idea and become the Robin Hood of the kingdom taking the money from the Queen and returning it to the people. The dwarfs even groom Snow White to become one of the bandits. Coincidentally, the Prince infuriated by the dwarfs decided to try and put a stop to the robberies. And that's when both were shocked to learn of each other taking the side of their enemies. But both can't deny too of their attraction towards each other.

When the Queen learned that Snow White is still alive, the Queen set off into the woods to get the beast to kill Snow White. She also placed a spell upon the prince so that she can marry him.

Will Snow White escape the clutches of the beast and live? If so, will she get to be with the prince since he's now under a spell? Watch the movie to find out!

This is your usual typical children safe comedy that would entertain people of all ages especially those who love those happy ending fairy tales. No doubt, it's a very original twist towards the timeless classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but I just find the Bollywood style ending really cheesy at the end even though it invokes a few laughter from the audience. This movie is worth a watch and I rate it 3.5 stars out of 5.