Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2012

Mid Valley Megamall is having it's Fashion Week 2012 until April 22, and started off with a bang with a showcase of Spring/Summer collection on April 12 brought to you by Blu Inc. Group or more specifically, the 3 magazines which is Female, Eh! and Nuyou.

It started off with dance performance from this group:

dancing in sync with the beats that were played.

I had no idea what's the group name is though. LOL.
With the dance performance kicking things off, then emerged the two MCs for the night, Hafiz and Daphne Iking:

It was then they kick things off with the fashion show brought to you by Female magazine:

The theme that is presented here is 'Accessories A to Z' and that's why their accessories that they're wearing or carrying are bright colors in contrast to their clothing to bring out and emphasize on the accessories, the main highlight of this part of the fashion show.

And that's for the theme Accessories A to Z brought to you by Female magazine:

And now, some audience participation on the catwalk to win some prizes!
4 contestant chosen from the audience, 2 guys, 2 girls were given the chance to win a digital camera.
What they had to do though, is to catwalk like the models with the camera and the one that wins the hearts of the audience gets the prize. Guess who won? LOL.

When the second portion of the fashion show got on the way, Alyah will be singing away while the models catwalk:

The theme of this portion of the fashion show is Fashion Rock brought to you by Eh! magazine.

And that concludes Fashion Rock.
Fashion show took a breather after that with a performance by the beatboxer, Shawn Lee:

There's also this guy:

And then comes the last portion of the fashion show:

This portion of the fashion show has a denim theme to it and it's brought together by Nuyou magazine:

The event was later ended by a performance by this 2 person:


FiSh said...

Kelvin, i didnt know that you're interested in fashion shows as well!

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Sometimes, I'm interested in fashion shows. If you look at some of my previous posts, you'll see some fashion show related posts which I attended and actually, enjoyed!

Thristhan said...

So many hot girls that night huh?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Of course. Girls love fashion. XD