Thursday, April 05, 2012

Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Night

Glenmorangie (pronounce as glen-MOR-ren-jee) Malaysia held an "Orange Retro Funk" night theme at The Pool, KL last Friday, March 30, 2012.

It was a rather unusually smooth drive all the way till the road that house The Pool at Jalan Ampang that's where the congestion is. A map of where The Pool is located for the event:

As expected, the place was bright and cheery with loads of the color orange around being the theme for the night. A look from the center pool walkway:

And the DJ deck high up in the air!

Even the Glenmorangie Original drinks had some tangerine to it.

The host for the night was Will Quah, the dashing lad:

A little about Glenmorangie, it produces single malt Scotch Whisky. Under the "Unnecessarily Well Made" philosophy, Glenmorangie distillery is located in the Highland region at Ross-shire. They boast of the tallest stills in Scotland at 5.14 metres which gives off a better quality of whisky.

Glenmorangie's The Original are 10 years old single malt whisky with hints of orange taste to it. Supposed to have a bit of peach taste to it too but I didn't manage to taste that. LOL.
That's why I like it best on the rocks cause it's flavorful enough and like any other hard liquor, a no no for adding water for me. That would just dilute the taste away.

There were some prizes given away as well. This guy here, jumped in the pool for it.

Later on, poor Will got pushed into the pool as well. LOL.
A spin the bottle app was also being tried by various guests that night promoted by some lovely ladies:

I was happy to chill the night away with the free flowing of Glenmorangie Original and the company of friends, both newfound and familiar ones.

PS: The girls that had body paintings on them had spend some 6 hours to get finish painting. Here's one Will is introducing:

PPS: Also check out Glenmorangie's Soundform Fluid Bar which will be showcased from April 11 - May 1 2012 at The Gardens' concourse area where Robinson is. For your info, Soundform Fluid concept is designed by Philip Michael Wolfson. It's concept is a portrayal of sound translated and conveyed into a tangible object. Thus, producing the Soundform Fluid Bar. Here's a video of it:


Nikel Khor said...

refillable drinks.. so fun!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. Just take a new cup instead of refilling. XD

Anne Lee said...

that guy got pushed into the pool?.. hope he don't get his electronic gadgets filled with water.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I didn't manage to catch whether was he holding his gadget that time.

Jobless Girl said...

Wow, bottomless drinks.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...