Sunday, April 29, 2012

Glenmorangie SOUNDFORM Fluid Showcase & Afterparty

Friday, 20th April 2012, it was a night of catching up with friends and to heighten my taste of appreciation for the Glenmorangie brand for they officially unveiled the SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar showcased at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

The unique architecture of the bar created by Philip Michael Wolfson who is a renowned architect and interior designer, was inspired by the sonograph reading of the sound of Glenmorangie whisky being poured into a crystal glass.

It has bold jagged edges which are covered in a black aluminium finish on the exterior while the interior is covered in golden orange mimicking the color of Glenmorangie.

“The SOUNDFORM Fluid is an awe-inspiring representation of the brand’s philosophy on ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’. It is a creative showcase and extension of the philosophy behind Glenmorangie’s deliciously complex single malt whisky brought into being.” commented by Glenmorangie Malaysia Brand Manager, Michael Tan on the concept of the creation of the 'Unnecessarily Well Made' SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar.

He added, commenting on working with Philip Michael Wolfson:
“Philip Michael Wolfson has always brought on a tremendous complexity to his work that pushes the boundaries of design. His design philosophy exactly mirrors our philosophy with the birthing of a standout custom made bar showpiece created through the distillation of the sound of a pour of Glenmorangie. From the outset, while the bar may look like a twisted form of metal; but it is truly the meticulous attention to detail and the spirit of innovation that has went into the formulation of the final showpiece that serves as a perfect tribute to the whisky that birthed it.”

The night's MC was Joey G:

And along with some celebrities gracing the event, it turned into quite a glamorous one where Glenmorangie whisky was supplied to be appreciated:

Xandria Ooi, Yuri Wong, Chelsia Ng and their guests made an appearance

At the event, there's even a taste test session of three different types of Glenmorangie whisky, namely, The Original, Lasanta and Astar:

Each was well explained by the Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador Ben Ng to heighten everyone's appreciation of the whisky:

The night was far from over after the showcase event as guests head on to Vertigo for the after-party session:

The special appearance of the US DJ duo Manufactured Superstars supplied a steady flow of house, dance and electro pop music well off into the night:

The SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar is still being on display at North Atrium of The Gardens but it's only until 1 May, 2012. So head on down to catch a glimpse of before it's over.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Twisted Love (2012) Movie Review

Thanks to MM2 Entertainment, I was able to catch the gala premiere of the movie Twisted Love which happened on Thursday, April 19, 2012. The kind folks even helped me to sort out some problems that were created by an irresponsible so called media network platform (hope I didn't cause too much of a hassle).

Anyway, not knowing what kind of movie to expect of this, I was just hoping that it's not a horror movie because I just hate to watch horror movie on the big screen due to the sound system of the theater (it can really give you a heart attack, wei!).

At 8:30pm, the event started off with this person as the host:

There were giveaway of prizes which are notebooks and the director and the actors and actresses made an appearance:

After the signing ceremony on the board, a little over 9pm, it was time to head in to the movie halls along with the casts for the show:

The movie contains 3 stories in them. The show is more of a comedic nature rather than a horror flick although it's about ghosts.

The 1st talks of a drug dealer guy name Ah Guan who got a girl pregnant despite being a married person. The girl one day called him up to tell it to him when they went for a drive. Upset with the news, the guy drove real fast and with the girl's intervention, it was also a haphazard drive. Pretty soon, they ended up in an accident where the girl flew out of the car and died when her head hit the rocks. The guy who survived, feared that he will get into trouble and flee from the spot as far as he can. After walking awhile, he started hearing sounds and called out but there were no answer. Walking on, he started being very afraid when he found out he was back at the accident site despite walking straight at one direction. What's more, the girl who died on the car bonnet was missing. He soon found himself fighting for his life against the ghost of the girl.

The 2nd story was about 4 flight attendants where the 2 male flight attendants took the 2 girls to have a night at the club. But the 2 guys spiked the drinks of the girls so that they could get laid. In the course of managing to get one into bed, she accidentally slipped, fell and seemingly died. The guys soon found themselves killing more and more people to cover up when they keep getting discovered. Will they manage to get away with murder?

The last story is about a girl who's possessed by her father's spirit and so, the mother decided to seek help from a Chinese medium to dispel the father's spirit out of her daughter. The 2 that were sought, however, were actually con men whom one of them is tired to live the lie anymore and decided to help this lady instead even though this is their 1st real case and he's doing this for one last time. Would they be able to dispel the spirit that's haunting the family with their inexperience?

The show was way too confusing for me to understand fully what is going on, not sure whether it's because of my limited ability in Mandarin and the many story jumps that's causing it. Anyway, I feel that it deserves a 2.5 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Scotch Selector by Newman

My 18th April 2012 Wednesday evening was filled with elegance and exclusivity. It was a night of Scotch Whisky appreciation where participants will get to undergo a blind taste test on which whisky they would prefer, getting to define and know one's own taste more.

Under the guise of Kelly Chin, I headed to Twenty One Tables + Terrace at Bangsar Shopping Complex for this event:

Although not my first time at Bangsar Shopping Complex (or also known as BSC), I'm still unfamiliar with the shops within it. Twenty One Tables + Terrace was tucked away right in the corner which seems hidden away and what's more, it certainly wasn't easy to find it with it's sign not visible from the main walkway in addition to my first time visiting this place. But I must say that it's ambiance is excellent, though.

Arriving right on the stipulated time, I was deemed early and with a one-glance-see-all location, I settled myself at the bar to see what they had to offer before the tasting session.

Two types of welcoming cocktails were being served at the bar by a Glenfiddich ambassador.
I proceeded to taste the 1st one:

This is called the Bobby Burns which is mixed with Glenfiddich 12 Years Old with some Sweet Vermouth and Dom Benedictine. Seasoned with some lemon zest to give the aroma complementing the Glenfiddich 12 Years Old. The drink is called Bobby Burns because it's named after the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. You may have not heard of the name, but you certainly would have heard of his composition, Auld Lang Syne.

2nd welcoming cocktail drink is called the Solera:

This vibrant concoction utilizes the complex flavor of Glenfiddich 15 Years Old. Honey and dates are added into the mix heightening to the already sweetened taste of the Glenfiddich 15 Years Old.

As the evening glides on further, the crowd of invited guests filled the room and Newman's first whisky tasting session named The Scotch Selector began:

Started off with 5 glasses of 10 - 12 years of Scotch Whisky, we get to indulge in the Chivas 12, Glenfiddich 12, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Suntory Yamazaki 12 and the Macallan 12:

As I expected, my taste lean towards the blended whiskies instead of the single malt ones having consumed mostly Johnnie Walker and Chivas at events.

Interestingly, when it came to the group of 15-18 years old whiskies (which we had 7 to taste from), my taste somehow favors the single malt whiskies more with Glenfiddich 15 being my fave. The whiskies that were in this group for tasting would be Chivas Regal 18, Dalmore 18, Glenfiddich 15, Glen Grant 16, Highland Park 18, Johnnie Walker Platinum and Glenlivet 15.

At the end of the tasting, the top 4 that has the closest correct guesses to the actual answer of what whisky it was receives a bottle of whisky as prize:

I hang around a bit more with the bunch of friendly guys at my table where they had more whisky flowing into their glasses and some more finger food while I had to stop for the night as I've reached my limit. :P

I retire for the night satisfied with the many different type of whisky I tasted and am glad to be a part of this event.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lockout (2012) Movie Review

Set in the future, a man was wrongly convicted of a murder that he didn't commit. And to make things worse, he's a secret service agent and the one that was murdered was another government agent, making this a case of treason. But in reality, Snow, the man wrongly convicted was actually shooting at the person killing his fellow colleague which unfortunately was seen as if Snow was killing the fellow agent by the chief of Secret Service, Scott Langral's own eyes.

In the meantime, the United States President's daughter, Emilie, was investigating a space security prison on whether there's harmful side effects on the usage of stasis, a drug to render the prisoners inactive where they will be kept in a pod throughout their sentence. She's also investigating on whether the rumors of the security prison use prisoners as guinea pigs for conducting tests are true. An unfortunate situation befell Emilie was during her questioning on one of the prisoners. Her bodyguard ignored the advice to leave all arm weapons before entering and smuggled in a gun on his ankle. The prisoner that was being questioned, picked up the smell of the weapon and manage to pilfer it from the bodyguard. That's when things turned havoc. All prisoners were released and staff and visitors of the prison that weren't dead were taken as hostages and the prison was lockdown.

That's where Snow comes in. The US Government offered Snow a chance of redemption if he accepts to embark on this dangerous mission and successfully extract the President's daughter from there. Reluctant in the beginning, he soon quickly accepted when he found out that his friend which has stashed a briefcase that contains evidence to his innocence was also in that prison.

Hence, begins the mission that is against his favor to once again be a hero.

This movie is quite action packed and with the lead actor's witty quips at almost every line, it's as if a stand up comedian is pretending to be an action hero. I like this movie more than Battleship simply because Battleship's storyline sucked really bad even though the effects of Battleship was better than this movie. My rating for this one would be a 3.7 stars out of 5 simply because it has to have a better rating than Battleship. LOL.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall

I was able to savor the tasty dishes of Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall branch last weekend.
The outlet located in a strategic location at the ground floor is at the same side as the cinema of Tropicana City Mall.

Japanese food is certainly not new to me but my enhance appreciation for the food came when I visited Japan, particularly sushi. Ever since returning from Japan, my taste for sushi was never the same again.

The outlet has great ambiance with a lot of woodiness to it making a shack-like feel yet elegant and welcoming:

The first dish that we started off with is a sushi called the Volcano Roll:

This unique makimono (rolled sushi) is topped with cream cheese on the top as you can see from the picture above and it's filling in the sushi contains unagi (eel) and cucumber.

Once this started the ball rolling, the serving of the food came rather quick and our table was filled with the many Japanese cuisine. Our dish were mainly comprised of the spring promotion ongoing at Sushi Tei and the next dish is one of item that is in the spring promotion:

It's Sashimi Moriawase 'WAKANA' which contains 5 kinds of different seafood, octopus, salmon, red prawns, scallop and tuna belly. I'm always a lover of salmon sashimi.

Here's our next dish, guess what it is?

It's actually mushrooms, Eringi mushrooms to be exact. This is really tasty to me. The name of the dish is Eringi Batayaki.

Here's a very interesting presentation for the dish:

Sushi in the shape of a heart! This dish is called Maguro Heart Roll. Felt a little bad when I 'broke' the heart in half to eat it. haha. This contains mayo in it.
From a cute looking dish to a dish where anyone who looks at it will know:

It's Aka Ebi Sushi, or in English, Red Prawn sushi.
And here's a dish called Kamaage Shirasu Sushi:

Shirasu are baby sardines that are usually around 1-2 months old.

Kamaage Shirasu, Chutoro and Negitoro Don:

Steamed baby sardine, tuna belly and minced tuna belly with rice underneath.

A bit of a fusion here, Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza:

Here's another fusion dish, Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad:

It goes with a white French dressing which is not in the picture above.
Yet another Fusion type of dish, Asari and Hotate Garlic Shoyu Pasta:

Okonomiyaki is one of my favorite Japanese food and one of Sushi Tei's spring promotion is the Sakura Ebi Okonomiyaki:

Chu Toro Sashimi:

Some Soft Shell Crab (Not in the Spring Promotion):

And some Gyu Misoyaki (also not in the Spring Promotion):

You fry it with the miso-based sauce for a delicious finish:

This looks like Salmon Fried:

And this is the Sanma Shioyaki if I'm not mistaken:

All the delicious food finished off with a yummy Yoghurt Frozen Berries Ice Cream:

Sushi Tei has many outlets around the world but in Malaysia, there are 5. Three being in Tropicana, Gardens and Pavilion while 2 more is at Penang and Sabah.

World's Best Sandwich Live Cooking Demo With Darren Chin

Last weekend, Sunday, April 15, 2012, there was a live cooking demonstration at 1 Utama on French cuisine and French pastry. The theme of the cooking demo is "From Farm To Table" which ingredients are sourced locally to couple with the French cooking techniques. The main highlight of this cooking demonstration would be the World's Best Sandwich created by Chef Darren Chin.

Chef Darren Chin is the Winner of the 9th Delifrance Sandwich World Cup 2012 and I am happy to be able to find out how it tasted like and what makes it so special. By the way, this is a Malaysian creation since it's by Chef Darren!

The ingredients that are for the cooking demonstration.

Besides the World's best sandwich, Chef Darren also showcased on his preparation of the Lamb Loin and the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables.

He started off with the Lamb a bit due to the lamb being the longest to prepare. He emphasized on the importance of removing the big bone at the back to preserve the juiciness of the lamb.

Course he didn't show the whole process until the part where he stuffs it with basil and rolls it then bags it which he suggested that you can use a cling wrap to roll it up too. Tightly roll it up with cling wrap and freeze it. So before proceeding to steam the lamb (yes, steam!), he puts in a food thermometer to find out the temperature.

Usual temperature before steaming would be around 5 degrees celcius and the temperature that we're looking for to achieve a rare - medium rare lamb would ideally be 55 degrees celcius.

He uses those pau steamer on low to medium fire to steam the lamb:

While waiting for the lamb to cook, he then proceeded to the World's Best Sandwich meat ingredient, the pork (yes, it's non-halal)!
He cooks the caramelized pork with low to medium fire:

When the sauce is at the bottom of the pan, to prevent it from sticking and to reuse it to cook, he adds water:

Since water is a neutral substance, it's perfect to keep the juice from sticking and can reuse to continue cooking the pork.

Chef Darren explaining the vegetables consisting of some coriander and some bok choy.

With the pork ready, he proceeded to prepare the bread by taking out the inside of the bread so that there's plenty of room which is then made into crouton:

He then just proceeded to stuff in the pork, followed by some vinaigrette and some crisp vegetables (carrots and the likes all soaked in ice cold water to maintain the crispness of it) and then he stuffed the croutons in which was basically the insides of the bread that he taken out earlier to give a little crunchiness to the sandwich then finally, some green vegetables for the finish. So that's the World's Best Sandwich.

Once that's done, he worked on the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables he plated the presentation with much effort and concentration:

The ingredients that were used to make the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables:

When it's finished, it's time to go back to the lamb:

Due to the amount of time taken up, a short break then commenced and pastry Chef Hubert LY was next to demonstrate on making the Entremet :- "Agrums", the Passion Fruit Macaron and the Financier:- Classic French Tea Cake.

Chef Hubert cooking butter until it's almost to the point of burn which has a very light color like oil

Due to his heavy French accent, I wasn't able to understand much:

Whisking the egg whites

Piping the base of the cake:

When Chef Hubert was done with his demo, it's time to find out how their food taste like!
Started off with some lamb made by Chef Darren Chin:

Nice soft texture with buttery taste to it (according to me la, of course) and juicy.

A table set with the cuisine made by Chef Darren for the consumption of the guests:

Yes, that's how we eat it, straight from the table.

And a table set on Chef Hubert's masterpiece:

A vegetarian version of the sandwich:

If you want to find out how the World's Best Sandwich taste like, it's now available at Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill at 1 Utama (opposite TGI Fridays at the old wing) and a halal version will be available at Dave's Deli.