Sunday, March 18, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012

So yesterday was the Future Music Festival Asia 2012.
This is not a big nor huge event, but a MASSIVE one!
Just look at the amount of acts there were:

The main highlight for me to see was Flo Rida, The Chemical Brothers and Cosmic Gate.
But unfortunately for me, they slotted Flo Rida at such an early time that I couldn't make it.

For your info, the event started at 2pm and lasts all the way down to around 2am to 3am (depending on the stage). That's a whopping 12 hours plus!

I only get to arrive at the venue which was the Sepang International Circuit at around 9pm.
There was quite a crowd at Entrance 2 with some people hanging around to see if there's anybody who has extra tickets to give. I pity some of them as they got cheated buying fake tickets.

Anyway, I was pumped up to see what's in store inside.
The layout of the place:

Didn't notice the Gnome stage on the left. Anyway, wasn't that interested in the lineup at Gnome stage:

What I was interested in is the lineup at Future stage:

As I enter, I could already see the Future stage on the right.
During that time, Pendulum was onstage.

They were sounding quite okay but I decided to have a look around elsewhere.
A station on games opposite the Future stage:

An interactive floor game where I presume you're suppose to step on those lighted platforms to gain points?

And a dress up place to look lavish and get your photo taken:

Stars galore at the Future stage section:

But over at the distance is where I wanna tread to:

Over at the Flamingo stage, a giant flamingo to landmark it:

A nice place to chill opposite the Flamingo stage:

With a boxing game in it. Play to win prizes:

A nice graffiti photo wall for your memories:

And aside from the many food vans and stall in place, they had a Ferris wheel as well:

Blink & Goldfish got me in the party mood at the Las Venus stage:

Tinie Tempah took the stage after them:

But his music wasn't of my interest. And so I head on home as I don't have my party mood anymore to wait for The Chemical Brothers. LOL.


Isaac Tan said...

hey :( didnt manage to catch u last night.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I didn't manage to catch up with ANYBODY at all. Didn't even meet one single person I know.

But I was there for a short period of time only though.