Monday, March 26, 2012

Facekara Karaoke, Viva Home

In my lifetime, I've only been to a karaoke session ONCE. That was the time, after my colleagues wedding, being a bit tipsy and not sure what I was doing, I somehow out of the spur of a moment, decided to join some of my colleagues to go for 2nd round at a territory unfamiliar to me (whatever possessed me to do so must be really powerful to move me to do something like that.)

Anyway, I looooove to sing (or rather shout. LOL.) So when I was presented with the opportunity to torture my friends with my awful singing with this karaoke session at Facekara, I jumped at it:

The outlet that I went to is located at Viva Home Shopping Mall, a place where I've passed by countless of times to send a dear friend home but never been inside ever. And so, the visit to Facekara has broke my virgin visit to this driven to make your home a more cozy place.

Anyway, the entrance of the outlet:

Immediately at the back from the entrance sits the large Facekara main hall:

Also known as the Lounge area, this is where every Thursday from 6pm till midnight will be Ladies Night. Ladies will get to enjoy free 1 cocktail.

But the rooms are where I was headed to sing the night away.
There are 5 room categories, Small Room, Medium Room, Large Room, VIP Room and VVIP room, where each of the rate is different as listed from the table below (click to view a bigger picture):

Here's how a typical VIP room looks like:

The VIP and VVIP rooms are equipped with a woofer.
And here's the grand VVIP room with a 'view' outdoors. LOL

Notice the disco ball lights above. haha.
The other VVIP room is equipped with a projector.

At the room that we're in, there were already this 2 occupants in it:

They're surely are the earliest there with Henry aka Clevermunkey outside to make sure nobody misses the turning to our room.

The screen selection for songs are touch screen so you don't need to use the remote from far.

Anyway, it would be ridiculous to use the remote from where we were sitting. You'd have to squint really bad to see the screen.
The few warming up to some songs:

We also had some delectable munchies to enjoy while our time there. That of course, was my dinner even though it's 9pm. This is fish, so I presume a little deviation of being a fish and chips?

And this is chicken chop:

This is my dinner, Teriyaki Chicken Rice:

Didn't try this but it looks tasty:

Spaghetti Bolognese:

Some fried chicken:

and the kung pou chicken rice:

They have a few promotions, do check out their website to know more on their promotions.
They also cater for events, dinner, birthday, private party...etc...etc. Hence the big lounge area.

Someone had brought to my attention on the negative feedback on the outlet that was posted on foursquare. Not sure how true those allegations are but the time and experience we were there were okay. We had fun, we laughed and we sang. Funniest part I remembered was the video for Foo Fighters' All My Life. They were showing beautiful videos on nature and animals which so does not fit the song. I really LOL when I saw the kangaroos playing with each other during the song.

One more thing. In addition to Facekara's promotions, will be having a Facekara promotion too! 80% off which translates to RM33 of 4 hours singing with 4 drinks for a pax of 4. Normal price is RM160.90. So check out the deal soon if you're planning for a visit to Facekara.


Nikel Khor said...

The place look pretty new.. Very modern look too

Meitzeu said...

Neh~ I don't fancy karaoke oo~ :D

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

That's because it IS new. LOL. Opened in June last year if I recall correctly.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, different people, different way of releasing stress.

Reanaclaire said...

oooohhh... I love singing too!! But Ipoh doesnt have much nice karaokes... what do you recommend?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I always recommend singing at home where you don't need to pay. XD

Unknown said...

Hi facekara im hafiez, last day i go to facekara the place and the room really2 look nice and awesome but i check the song is not update, so please update your song like malay and english

please add bawaku pergi zizan ft kaka <3