Monday, February 06, 2012

Chronicle (2012) Movie Review

The last night of January 2012 was a blurry, eventful yet fun-filled night.
It all started with me going for the Lenovo Quiz Night as a participant where my hunger pangs outweighed my thinking ability. Forgot to bring my camera, so there's no pictures of it but all I can remember was that it was fun.

After the quiz night, headed off to watch Chronicle premiere. Didn't actually planned for this as not only it was a last minute thing, but also of me being worried that the quiz night would last till 10pm as stated in the program.

Anyway, Chronicle is about 3 high school teenagers who gained the ability of telekinesis after venturing into a hole in the ground while at a party. The movie focuses more on the boy named Andrew (actor Dane DeHaan) who has an abusive alcoholic father and a very sick mother. Andrew mostly led his life as a loner and has taken an interest in videoing the going ons around him and his life. The other 2 were his cousin, Matt (by Alex Russell) and a candidate for school president, Steve (played by Michael B. Jordan).

After the new found ability of the 3 (which Andrew proves to adapt to the ability quicker and better), they started to become closer to each other. They started training their abilities to be more stronger.

One rainy day, Andrew, unable to stand a driver that was honking away at their tail, uses his telekinetic power and forces the car behind to swerve off the road to a river. From that day forth, with family problems and his psychotic thinking of him being better than all human beings, Andrew started leading a life that is advantageous to him by using his ability and disregarding the value of human life.

He shunned the whole world including Matt and Steve and was addicted to his power.

This show uses a perspective that is fairly new for a movie and that is that it wasn't actually a complete movie. It was made as different clips combined together to tell the story through the eyes of different video cameras and footage (mostly Andrews). I find that a clever way of drawing the audience as if they were a part of the movie, where they review video footage to gather what had happened. It's a very difficult thing to pull off, but in my opinion, they had did a great job.

On top of that, the PR company that was hired to promote the movie did a spectacular hype on the movie over at New York City. What they did was they had RC planes custom made, so that when the planes were up in the air, it looked like flying humans! Check out the clipped that they did:

I actually enjoyed the movie very much. I find that the Andrew character speaks close to my heart. Therefore, I would rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.


Carina said...

I don't like it tho, pening! ;p

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I find it ok. Too much camera movement for you, eh? Well, 3D movies might not be for you too. LOL.

Shaidul Khatir said...

Hello here... I found you when I was in need of information about this movie. Thank you, indeed... Come to mine as well :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Sure. Will check yours out.