Monday, January 02, 2012

Personalized Calendar by PhotoTalkz

Happy New Year everybody.
The New Year has bestowed upon us and what's one of the things that are needed when one enters the New Year? Besides resolutions, we also need calendars to help us keep track of the days that we fill so much with activities. Me especially, since these days I've been working around the clock, 7 days a week just to get things done and I lose track of what day I'm in. LOL.

PhotoTalkz offers you lovely calendars where you can design to personalize your own.

Now, how do we do so?

1st: Go to and download the program by clicking the icon below the "Free Download" text according to your computer OS (Windows or MAC).

2nd: Once downloaded, run the program and install it into your PC.

3rd: Once you're done installing the software, run the program by double clicking on the PhotoTalkz software icon that's located at your desktop. However, before doing so, please ensure that you have Internet connection.

4th: After deciding to auto-update the software and viewing the items:

Check on the component that you wish to update to put into the program:

Once finished, it's time to create a project!
For me, I've chosen to personalize a calendar. Take note there are other items as well as I saw on the program:

Select your photos you want to be in the calendar:

How to do so is by clicking on the icon above the preview of photos you added. The first icon with a plus sign is choosing a folder that contains all the photos you want to include in your personalized calendar.
The 2nd icon with a plus sign that contains multiple windows behind the plus sign is to add in individual photos/pictures. The one with the X mark is obviously to remove a photo as your selection to include into your personalized calendar.

As you can see from above, I've chosen to include some of my photos from Where's the Party 2 into my calendar.

Once you're happy with your selection of photos and you've click to proceed to the next step, it will give you some options to further customize your calendar like which month to start with, how many months in your calendar, which day is the starting day of the week, etc.
After doing so and clicking next, give the project a name and click on create.

Once you've clicked on create, for my case, I'm running it for the first time, hence, it's asking me whether I need the application to provide me with assistance (which could be disabled later on).

When the canvas comes on, it seems to have put in all the photos into the calendar with it's own arrangement depending on how many photos you're including. But the front and back page seems to be blank.

As you can see from the picture above, I've customized the front page to my liking. LOL.

I know, I'm not very creative and artistic.

You can rearrange the pictures in the calendar and can put it according to your liking by dragging the photo on the left into the area that can be included. You can add in text and stuff and so forth.

Once you're satisfied with the result, save it and click on the shopping cart icon at the top right hand side to order it to be printed and delivered to you.

Before placing an order, you need to read and agree by clicking on the check box below the disclaimer.

Upon clicking start, it will open your default web browser and will take you to PhotoTalkz order login page:

Since this is my 1st time ordering, I clicked on the words "Don't have an account? click here".

After entering my details for creation of my account, it brings me to the order page where I specify on what kind of paper do I want my calendar to be printed on and how many quantity am I placing.

Then, select the method of payment you wish to pay with after confirming/changing your shipping address and billing address:

Once done and gotten your confirmation order number, it's time to upload your draft calendar to PhotoTalkz for them to print.
Automatically, the upload window will appear:

Make sure the radio button selection is on the Upload Finished Pages and click continue.
It will upload it and once successful, it will tell you so:

And that's it! You're done. Just need to wait for the arrival of your calendar.

Of course, a special mention of thanks to JigoCity as well for providing a special offer on it.
Unfortunately, folks. The offer has expired.

So head on down to JigoCity's website and watch out for more great offers provided by them!