Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jack & Jill (2011) Movie Review

Everyone is more familiar with the title Jack and Jill as a nursery rhyme but this one, is actually a movie where it stars Adam Sandler.

I'm a fan of Adam Sandler's work. I find his comedy in films are great and will be a classic. His style in movies are always although being in extreme duress, he'll still throw in comedic lines to lighten up the mood. And in the end, there's always a lesson to be learned.

Jack and Jill tells of a tale where Jack and Jill Sadelstein (both are Adam Sandler) are twins.
As they grew, Jack became a successful advertising agency executive with a lovely family while Jill is the ever single loser.

Like every year, Jill went over to Jack's family for Thanksgiving but this time, with the departure of the mother who was living with Jill back in their hometown at the Bronx, Jill didn't wanna leave Jack's place and Jack always could not stand her neediness and her lack of sensitivity in her speech which is rude to others although truthful.

In addition to his stressful situation with his twin sister, he also faces pressure at work where his company's biggest client wants them to recruit Al Pacino to do the commercial (which is next to impossible) or they'll start finding other agencies.

Having to juggle to settle these two major issues, will Jack be able to successfully make everything right, or will he have to put work/family ahead of the other if it conflicts? Watch the movie to find out how it ends!

This show, in my opinion, lacks really good comedy element. The funny liners that are in the movie are not memorable enough to even make this a movie to be remembered. I've seen so many of these in many comedy TV shows which fizzled out. And to top it up, there were so many parts that were censored. If the preview already contain so many cuts, I shudder to think of the actual movie release. I'm disappointed in this movie and rate this movie 2 stars out of 5. I hope the next Adam Sandler movie will be as good as 50 First Dates which in my opinion, is his best yet.


Reanaclaire said...

Jack and Jill went up the hill.. to fetch a pail of water.. hahaha... last time it was a nursery rhyme..
thanks for coming over to my blog!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

And thank you for your visit. :)

Isaac Tan said...

I wanted to catch it the other day, but then decided agaisnt it after reading some poor reviews on it ><

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes, it's not worth it. I recommend going for MI4. It's funnier than this comedy. :)