Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heineken Green Space - December 13, 2011

Heineken Green Space has come a long way and the one I enjoyed the most was when The Breakfast Club held it and it was one heck of a lifetime experience. Read about it here:

This time around it was back again with the Dragonsoft Research technology showcase.

It was held at a club I've never been before called the Vertigo club at Gardens, Mid Valley right next to GSix. And so I went to take a look around.
This is the bar area:

Seating all around the club area for drinkers to chill:

The place was awfully cold due to quite a number of high propulsion fans above in the already air conditioned room. What's more, it was a rainy evening too!

As you enter the club, you are given an RFID tag a person shaped just like a watch and once indoors, you will need to register the RFID tags to have it working at the registration area:

There's not many technology that was showcased but nonetheless there were a handful. However, it's what you would've seen before.

This one here is a photo collection of what has already been published once your photo is taken from one of the photo screens:

Another would be this which sense the object that is placed above the designated area of the table to bring out specific windows onto the screen:

And this here laptop projects the 3D modelling images at the screen once it reads the emoticon looking codes on the cards:

All in all a chilly, chilling atmosphere all around with the DJs spinning R&B tunes on the decks while I down Heinekens for my enjoyment.
I ended the night with this guy flinging lighted thing around. LOL.


Isaac Tan said...

lol! i was just gonna write about this, but was so sad looking at my photos >< ... been sitting here for the past hour feeling sad. Haha.

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Waaa? How come sad pulak. Your choice loh, wanna write or not. haha

Arthur said...

I love Heineken because of their creative marketing and all stuff! Same here in Australia they always make some things to feel important!



Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

It's great that you too have a feel of it before, Arthur. :)