Sunday, November 06, 2011

FHM's 100 Most Wanted Party with Hannah Tan

The last Tuesday of October 2011, there was a celebration that went on at Ecoba.
It was the FHM's 100 Most Wanted Party with Hannah Tan but in actuality, it is the celebration of Hannah Tan being voted as FHM's Most Wanted of 2011.

The host of the evening:

Hannah Tan has impressively won the FHM's Most Wanted back to back for 2 years consecutively, this year and last year.

She was invited to give a speech after a short introduction by the host:

She pretty much told us partially on her life story. Did you know that Hannah Tan, in addition to being a singer and songwriter, she also has her own software company?

She's achieved and accomplish so much at such a young age and yet maintain a humble personality, it's staggering.

A little giveaway took place after Hannah Tan's speech with trivia on Hannah Tan as the questions:

A presentation of the plaque and a bouquet of flowers for her came after:

Coincidentally, October 25 was also Hannah Tan's birthday and this opportunity of course was taken and turned it into a double celebration for her!

A group photo with her crew and staffs of FHM and sponsors:

And a photo with some of FHM's Girls Next Door:

and that's a wrap.
I'm happy to have my piece of cake and eat it. XD

Congratz to Hannah Tan on being FHM's Most Wanted 2011!


Sd Malay said...

Beauty and Smart. What a perfect lady? Keep up your good work Hannah Tan!!!

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