Monday, November 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Brazil

Headed back down to KL Live again the Saturday that went by for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge event.

Spot the odd car out. LOL.
This time around, it sports the Brazilian theme.
A capoeira performance on stage:

Fire dance:

Percussion performance:

The host and hostess for the night:

Samba mode!

Met a lot of people I knew there but I didn't take a lot of pictures, though.
Those that I was with, Sherry of course, Jiayeen,

Elwyn, Melissa, Tony, Iris, Benjamin & gf, Ryan, Isaac, Joel,

Ryan, Yeeing, Jackie, Kahmon.
And a shoutout to the people I meet again, Zoey, Felicia, Esther, Louise,

Naomi, Priya and even Naomi's friend that I took to Where's the Party last time (sorry, I forgot your name >.<)
and to my surprise, Felixia (sorry, this time it was me who couldn't recognize you in the beginning. But nice to meet you again. :D)
Well, a big shoutout to everyone I know. Sorry, if I miss out your name.

I'm lost of words for this event. LOL.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Random Thought

Just felt a bit emo this evening due to going without food for almost the whole day.
Sometimes this happens to me if I don't eat for long hours, I tend to feel emo. Then I'll be like a girl on period having major mood swings very easily but instead of being angry, I get sad and I tend to find reasons for being sad. But once I filled my stomach, I'll be back to normal again.

This evening was one of those times for being that way and it got me to think random thoughts that make me feel sad.

What came to mind was this:
Oftentimes I get people asking me why am I always alone? One asked that I'm always seen going to events alone and start mingling around with different groups (which is a big improvement from what I was last time. I don't even mingle). Another told me stop being by myself always and start calling people out (which I don't normally. I usually try asking one or two persons when I have extra passes and such and if they're not free, I start giving away through social media).
Honestly, I don't have a full answer to that. I don't even know why I'm that way. But most probably, the biggest factor would be not getting along with my family when I was a teenager and having a nervous breakdown.

But then again, I guess after moving out from my family, I started to adapt to strike a balance. I tend to favor being alone at times while wanting to hang out with some good friends at other times. I don't know. Sometimes I'm blinded.

At other times, even when I feel like I wanna hang out with people but ended up alone, I grew so accustomed to being alone, that I had psyched myself into liking it.
This do pose as a problem sometimes as I feel awkward when I started hanging out with people.

If this post doesn't make any sense, well, that's because my thoughts are all jumbled up and I'm just typing away nonsensically to relieve myself. LOL. So don't mind me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bloggers Night Out with Tim, Overtime, Pavilion KL

Tim O'Rourke:

The man behind Starker beer, a German-styled beer that's brewed here in Malaysia was in town and I had the opportunity to meet up with the man to get a bit of chatter with him.

Basically, it happened in:

Overtime, Pavilion KL.
A bit of an info on Starker beer, the beer contains a bit of an aromatic flavor to it due to the ingredient of some orange peels and coriander added to it and it's really a fresh beer. After 3 days in the brewery, the shelf life for it must not exceed 7 days.

Also, it's served straight from the keg where you can have a try at knocking the tap head onto the keg if you order a small barrel, haha:

Starker is German for 'stronger'.

Besides Starker beer and the company of Tim, we get to try the food at Overtime as well.
Beancurd Pork, the most delicious item I tried on the menu:

Honey Char Siew, also not bad:

'Fire pork' as it's called:

and of course the timeless crunchy pork (siew yuk):

Cantonese Hor Fun:

This is grilled chicken chop:

Crispy pork knuckle that has been decimated for consumption:

Pan Fried Fish:

Sang Har Yee Mee:

A little tour of Overtime. There's the bar:

The place that leads to the entrance:

and a small stage for live performances:

Me toying with the hammer:

Before Tim left, we had a group photo with him:

A wonderful indulgence in the flavorful Starker beer and the company of many bloggers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Female Cover Model Search Finale Party

Like a G6...........Like a G6............

Was there yesterday night for the Female Cover Model Search Finale Party! Thanks to Kelly.

Natalie and Jin were the host and hostess for the evening. They're DJs from Hitz FM:

A short speech by the editor of Female magazine for a start:

then came the introduction of the 5 finalists:

Guess who will be the winner?

Shawn Lee the beatboxer then came out to give a performance:

Then there were some prize giveaways:

A fashion show then took place:

And more prizes to giveaway~

Then after another performance, it was time to announce the winner.

Guess who...?
Guess who...??
Guess who...???

This gal:

Her name is Ayse and she got herself featured on the cover of Female magazine December 2011 issue:

Congratz to her and as for me, besides Kelly, I found some friends of mine at the party.
To name a few:

Left to right Coreen, Sanny, Yvonne.....
Wendy with myself:

and the rest that I saw was Bok, the couple who sat next to me during Magnum's Lou Sang Event way back in February, Jess, Sharon and late on arrival where they came when the event had finished, Caroline and Ju Li.

Nice seeing all of you again!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crumbs, Pavilion KL

It's Christmas-y season for shopping malls and Pavilion was no exception with it's Christmas decoration up:

I was there this morning or rather around noon time to have a taste of a shop name Crumbs which serves Frozen Yogurt with pick your own toppings.

They have many varieties of toppings to choose from but their signature topping is, well, crumbs! House crumbs that's what it's called.

The other homemade toppings would be the mini meringue, mochi, green tea mochi and roasted peanut mix.

Aside from frozen yogurt, they also have scones to scoff on.

I don't know about your taste, but I like the taste of the scones here.
There are 3 flavors available, raisins, chocolate and cheese and all 3 are just as yummy to me.

We started off with a little introduction from the owner, Ronnie Tan:

then proceeded to a little game they had in mind, that is to make our own frozen yogurt and whichever team had good presentation and taste good will be declared the winner and will take home RM200 worth of Crumbs voucher.

We initially broke off into 3 teams picked at random as there were originally 6 of us. I was paired together with Fish. She's a human, not a fish nor mermaid. LOL. The adorable girl:

Later on, Rebecca arrived and she randomly picked my team.
Our strategy was to have the toppings be a foundation and a middle layer before topping it off on the top.

Unfortunately, although being team C, we were instructed to go 2nd and hence, had our ideas copied. haha.
The making process:

Our finished product:

My ugly mug with the finished product. XD:

Later on, 2 others joined in and formed team D to compete.

The four teams finished product waiting to be judged:

The winning team turned out to be Team B which consists of Isaac and Linora:

Here's one sample of the finish product from Crumbs:

Before we left we had a group photo with everybody:

If frozen yogurt is one of the health food you have in your diet, then give Crumbs a try.
The location:

P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL.