Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tri-Factor Glam Night

The night finally came and went for the Tri-Factor finale and that's where they unveiled the overall winner for the best team on Fashion Designing, Modelling and Photography.

It was after the Buddy Soy Smoothies review which I enjoyed.

The place that it was held was at:

KL Live. We went there in a bunch:

The night started off with some light refreshments which is perfect after our smoothies moment.

Started off with a video presentation:

and the host of the night was Anita Woo:

Bear with me on my not-so-good-looking photos as I was quite a distance away from the stage.
The first runway session:

Dina was up next to give a performance:

And a dance performance from Chique De Luxe:

another video presentation and it's on to the 2nd runway session themed Arabian Nights:

Rock performance by a band called Beat the System comes after the 2nd runway session:

Later was joined with Tom Mystarz on some songs:

The 3rd runway session continued the night with Tom Mystarz and Beat the System blaring away:

Another dance performance. This time by a group called Rhythm in Peace:

Then Ning Baizura hit the stage with her performance:

The theme Nature was what the 4th Runway Session all about:

After introducing them in teams of 2 models with their fashion designer, the dance performance by SnGx took place:

Pity them. Dance halfway and their track stuck.

It was then time for the prize giving presentation to kick in. Wonder what happened to the pictures I took for these. Seems to be missing. Hmm.

Anyway, the winners are as listed below:

Best Model:

Best Photographer:
Jeremy Choy

Best Fashion Designer:
Carryn Goh

2nd Runner-up:
Designer - Carryn Goh, Model - Zainora, Photographer - Frankie Meng-Fan

1st Runner-up:
Designer - Nana, Model - Evelyn Tay, Photographer - Kamarul Azwan

Designer - Elaine Hong, Model Chai Lynn, Photographer - Felina Hung

The night was ridden with technical glitches, some mismanagement in coordination and even a fall from the host but they manage to get through it all.
Since they're planning up for a Season 2 next year, it can only get better.

The night was a misfortune for Eric as well, for his car battery 'died-ed' after our supper session and was stuck till almost 4am in the morning with some of us accompanying.
Well, it did make me feel young again staying up till the wee hours of the morning. LOL.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buddy Soy Smoothies

The day of Saturday, October 22, 2011 was a productive one for me.

After finishing work around 2pm, I went to this outlet to get a taste on what they had to offer:

Buddy Soy Smoothies the name and the location:
LG-18D-2 at Berjaya Times Square, KL.

I'm not much of a smoothies fan nor soy, but trying out the variety of flavors that they blended together, they got me liking it.

Started off trying the Bean Galore Red Bean which somehow I forgot to take a picture of, it tastes like your average ice cream potong red bean but creamier.
We then tried the Evergreen Japanese Cucumber, which surprisingly is quite good:

Some who had eaten with me before will know how much I usually skip eating cucumbers that comes along with my meal but this cucumber smoothie had a taste that I can accept and it's pretty good.

We were then presented with something to munch with to go along the many smoothies.
Cucur udang:

and some marble cake:

I tell you, I couldn't stop eating those cucur udangs. It went so well with the smoothies and it was such an irresistibly tasty snack, I find myself kept taking and taking till it's all gone.

The snacks will be available in the near future.

Here's another soon to be available in the near future which is the smoothie I like the most:

Yam smoothie with pearl. The yam taste goes so well with the soy ingredient mixed in, that it was the perfect match to my taste. Among all of the smoothies, this is my fave. However, it's not available yet, but soon to be.

Others that I tried:

Citrus Madness Orange. In the photo above taken alongside with the yam smoothie. Since it's my fave, it deserves to have one more picture shot. LOL.
The Citrus Madness Orange is not the smoothie I fancy due to the citrus sourness taste it has but if you're an orange fan, you might like it. And tasting that, you can be assured of them using real orange. haha

Coffee was next:

not much of a presentation nor difference from the looks of it compared to your local mamak restaurant but the soy that's added along with it adds a nice creamy taste to it that it's way better than your local mamak stall. Also a coming soon idea.

There's also Tau Fu Fah in this place:

The top is the usual plain one and the bottom is with sweetened sago.
These though, taste like your normal tau fu fah to me but adding in sweetened sago is a creative way to enhance the taste.

Other nice munchies that we were given a chance to try are these which contains coconut:

and these kaya pastries: of the highlights:

and ginger tea (not available yet):

Cendol flavor:

Corny but Goody Sweet Corn:

and lastly tried the peanut:

I know exactly which one I will go for for sure if I pass by, the Yam with pearls once it's available.

On top of being the healthier smoothie choice with all of it being soy based, it's also preserving the Malaysia culture value with the tau fu fah, ABC and Cendol and pretty soon, the cucur udang.

Try it out yourselves to know the taste!