Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jobs & Careers, Is It A Hassle?

I read an article not too long ago about how fresh grads tend to mess up their interview and how they're really choosy about picking a job since they can afford to and hence they were deemed unemployable instead of unemployed.

While I may agree that some of the citations stated in the article of how they reply in their interview are wrong, I can't help but feel some disagreement towards the article.
Yes, a fresh graduate may need to learn to be hardworking on their 1st job just to get the experience, but I'm also a strong believer in having a better quality of life.

When you're young, you may tend to have the energy to work hard in your 1st job, but then again, HOW MUCH should you slog for a company that care less about you?

From my work experience, I did start off as a hardworking employee in my 1st job, taking 2 buses just to get to work. Day in, day out, I performed my best until I was noticed and was promoted rather quickly from a temp staff to a permanent staff. Many were jealous and tend to find the littlest of fault to pinpoint to me on how bad I was. But with the supervisor siding by me, I still remember what she said to me, "All eyes are on you. You have to prove to them that you can do the job well". And prove I did. Pretty soon, I silenced those that were jealous and later on, they found that it's better to be my friend then to work against me.
But that's not the point I want to talk about. What I'm trying to say is, I worked hard. REALLY HARD. I clocked in almost a days overtime and I shorten my lunch time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes to 10 minutes EVEN THOUGH I'm entitled to an hour's worth.

But was it worth it? No! Pretty soon, it started to take a toll on me and I started spending my weekends recuperating my energy by sleeping the whole entire weekend off. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is I started being senile and my brain stops working at times. One night I was walking back home from the bus stop but I stopped dead in my tracks as I approach a junction. Why? Because I had to think for 5 minutes whether I'm going home or going to work! Pretty soon, my work performance suffered significantly. I made a lot of drastic major errors but luckily, the supervisor was on my side and so the team leader was blamed for all of my errors. All in all, I merely lasted 1 year in that job before I realized, I needed a break from work.

So then, I say again, while telling the interviewer that you need to be paid highly just so you could enjoy a cup of Starbucks once a week with your friends is awfully wrong, and that telling the interviewer that the company is a nobody and that you'll make it a somebody without researching to find out that it's actually the leader of it's industry is also wrong, but then again everybody should strive to increase their quality of life and not make work your life (unless you're a workaholic who loved to work instead of enjoying life).
Asking for a much closer place of work IS reasonable and reject a certain job offer if it's too far. You can't expect a fresh grad without transportation to work in a place where it's not accessible to public transport, can you? You can't expect anybody to rely on bus services when the bus rarely even comes once an hour, can you? You can't expect a person to always work long hours every single workday without much of a break, can you?

That's why you keep seeing me complain about my job, the current one and the previous one. My philosophy is I've worked hard in the past and I've already gained my experience. Yes, there are still many things to learn but with the many years of work, I should start taking breaks instead of working my ass off just for the sake of a company who doesn't care about me.

So once more I'm reiterating, I want my work/life balanced! That's all I'm asking. I don't wanna work long hours into the night and make me unable to be sharp and alert the next day. And what's worse? Working long hours doing the job and you still get scolded for the little things you do.

**Just wanna rant to get this off my chest. I think I've lost it. I've become a crazy man. I started getting a whole stack of 4D with one of my colleague and dreamt of me striking the jackpot came true already. **


Isaac Tan said...

we're here for you bro. good to rant and get it off your chest. You're not alone feeling like this.

I have also worked around the same years as you, so i understand the feeling of working hard and not getting the recognition we deserve.

But this is life i guess, so try to think positively. Like the saying goes, behind every cloud there is a silver lining (or something like that la). Actually we should really catch up just to talk. I'm sure you'll feel better after :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I don't care about recognition and the money. All I want is a job where I can have a life!

I'm not much of a talker in person unless I had some alcohol. LOL.