Sunday, July 31, 2011

JUICE NINE-ties Anniversary 2011

With the working world of mine acting like a ravenous wolf devouring my energy and patience to the max, I actually intended to skip this party (still in my emo mood).

I had obtain passes to this party because a friend of mine had expressed her desire to join the party. However, when I managed to get my hands on it, she mentioned that she already had invites to it and again my weary soul, tortured by my boss, cries out to rest and again decided to opt out of this party.
Yet, a few seconds later, the word spread and a few started arranging to fill up my passes like it was a limited edition bestseller device and in order not to disappoint my friends like the guy I always am, I had changed my mind in order to bring them in.

Though many expressed their unhappiness because of the lack of free flow of Carlsberg once we reached G6, I on the other hand, had fun catching up with my friends.

Started off with the pre-party at Ecoba where there's PLENTY of Carlsberg for everyone to enjoy stored in an ice cooler, I arrived an hour plus late due to, you've guessed it, the ever frustrating work and the sharp tongue of my boss. I immediately saw some of my friends when I entered the vicinity of Ecoba.
Said my hi(s), registered and grabbed my goodie bag and before you know it, I'm holding a green bottle of beer in my hand to chase my agony away.

The many various coasters that were available to be given out. Homer Simpson proves to be the most popular.

Nice to officially introduce myself to Shantee and had a pleasant surprise to meet Priya there, who's Naomi's friend where I met her during the Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?' event.

Also another familiar face which I'm happy to meet again is Yih Yann, and of course, the bunch of gals which I hung out with:

Kelly, Lilian (my 1st time seeing her), Sharon, Wendy, Jess. Not in the pic of this group was Rebecca Saw.

One more group that I hung out with, I shall call it group 2:

Coreen, Sanny (with boyfriend who's not in this picture) and Christy. The other 2 was the group 1 gals. LOL.

We left Ecoba on the party bus to G6 about nine-ish, nine-thirty-ish. I don't quite remember. All I knew was I'm having my 3rd bottle of beer.

With the many drinks that we had when we left Ecoba, most of us had the need to go to the toilet and was eagerly anticipating the bus to reach Mid Valley, me included. XD

After easing myself and had taken my wristband, I headed off to join group 1 to a Mamak stall at Gardens since they were all hungry as there were no food served during the pre-party (and definitely none at the actual party!).

While group 1 headed into G6 (where many were leaving due to the free-flow of Carlsberg ended prematurely), I caught up with group 2 and waited for the lucky draw happening at 10.50pm. That was where we met Sherry. Christy was lucky enough to win the flight ticket for 2 to Phuket and with the satisfaction of Christy, we then headed to Kim Gary for their late dinner.

Stayed there till almost midnight and that's when we rejoin the rest of the Juice party entourage to board the party bus back to Ecoba to collect our cars heading home.

So, like I said. It may not be very fun with the party alone (heck, I only entered for 15 minutes at G6), but it was fun catching up with friends.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and my droning manner on this event, but I just had the urge to write about this. LOL


Isaac Tan said...

glad you blogged about this bro, good reading. Wow, you seem to have a rather busy night that night, and so much beers? no wonder you had temporary memory lapse :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I only had 3 bottles of beer leh.
I think I played host and photographer more than anyone who went. LOL