Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Party

Green of course, is the theme of the day. In addition to the anticipated upcoming movie Green Lantern, this event is also about being "greener" meaning a more environmentally friendly approach which could save the earth.
Though not really thrilled of going to the party due to my gloomy mood but went ahead anyway once my friend invited me to go. (Personally, I think I got snuck in, again -.-)

The place that it was held in is a place called Artista Bar & Restaurant, tucked in the corner of Tropicana City Mall.

I've passed by this restaurant numerous times but never knew of it's name.
Somehow when I found out of the venue, I recalled of this place, remembering hearing live bands from the place everytime I pass by late into the evenings.

Once the arrival and got branded by this glow-in-the-dark removable tattoo:

I can see everybody seems to be headed for the buffet table grabbing whatever they can to satisfy their appetite.
Met a lot of familiar faces there. Not surprising since it's also partially a Nuffnang event.

I headed off to join the crowd at the buffet table but when I got there, most things were cleaned out. However, with the speedy replenishment done by the restaurant staffs, not after five minutes went by and I see trays of refills replacing the empty ones.

Whilst looking for a place to park my ass on, I met Simon who's happily digging away from his plate like a prized possession. Fortunate for me and my friends, the table he's sitting on was vacant, enough to accommodate us.

The event then started off with a percussion performance from a band of around 10 people banging and rattling away on simple items like garbage cans, pails and aluminium cans:

Heard some familiar voices on the mics and I was confirmed of my suspicions when I saw who the hosts for the night were:

None other then the now MixFM morning crew, JD and Dilly.
Got a shot of the mascots who looked awesome in their costumes:

Took a picture with them:

and one for the road with the gang :D

As I was heading back to the car with my 2 so-called passengers on tow, I met my ex-colleagues who were standing around (god knows what they're doing just standing there in a circle. As if they're having some form of meeting or discussion in the middle of the mall).
Of course, as most people do when they go to a mall like this when they're colleagues or ex-colleagues, they came for a movie.
As pathetic as I felt when I chat with them and I said I'm going home, one of them told me it's still early, why are you going home? Should go "yam cha" first. I couldn't agree more. I echoed your sentiments.
Buuuutttttttt somehow it wasn't up to me. -.-


Koh Kian Fai said...

why ciao so early? hahaha should have tail me and I would drag you . . .. yumcha too hahah! :P Nice to see you again bro!

Isaac Tan said...

nice seeing you again too Kelvin! :) I really like hanging out with you, may there be more meetups. Had fun with the food that night, even though no visible meat (horrors!), lol!!

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

xD green lantern guy too buffed LOL

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Kian Fai
As I mentioned, not up to me. The two girls with me say wanna go back.
It's complicated lah. Haiz. Never knew I'd have girl troubles again. :(

I guess it goes with the green theme, vegetarian dishes.

Buffed? I thought he needs to slim down. LOL.