Saturday, May 14, 2011

TGV Buy 3 Free 3

Everyone loves movies. It's a favorite pastime, a couple's complete romantic evening, friends awesome outing where they can all agree to do together.

That's why you see that my blog is filled with movie reviews as well. XD

Now TGV 1st Avenue in Penang, through EziVoucher is offering a buy 3 free 3 tickets to customers!!!
That means, in math freaks' term, it'll be 50% off 6 tickets, a total of RM36.

Get them by clicking on the image below:

There is no limit to how many any one person can buy.
Movies that are eligible would be movies that aren't in 3D and not applicable to Couple Seats and the Beanieplex.

For further terms and condition, please head on to the deal's page by clicking on the image above to avoid any hassle later.

I'm referred by: Rachel Beh (
For more deals, head on to EziVoucher's website at
For the latest updates, go to EziVoucher's facebook page and click on the like button.

Stay tune to my blog for more movie reviews for all you movie buffs. haha


Isaac Tan said...

ini dengan buy 1 free 1 sama hor. :) Thanks for sharing

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ahaha. Well, This one is you have to buy 3 then only will get 3 free.

But mainly it's for people in Penang lah. XD