Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Special Screening of Priest (2011)

Vampires. It's been depicted to 'death' (pun intended) in movies and books and anything that has a place for these mythical creatures. But it's usually being pictured as an elegant being that could live forever and there are other popular versions where they're superior in strength and speed. But one thing's for sure as consistent. They're blood-suckers!

But for the vampires that are in the Priest movie which I went for the special screening yesterday, was more of an alien-like animal creature instead of the usual close to man-like, in-their-own-league elegant kind.

The movie starts off with a narration of what had happened and what's the movie about. Man and vampires had been in a war for centuries against each other. Man is at a disadvantage since the vampires are stronger and faster and so, mankind had withdrawn themselves into a citadel where the Church build to keep themselves safe from the vampires. Soon, the Church which is more or less the government of the city had trained up priests - people who are armed in vampire combat.
The priests are advantageous to mankind when they war against the vampires with their abilities and pretty soon, when vampires were mostly annihilated, The Church decided to disband the priests and had them blend in back to society and to try and lead a normal life. But it was hard for them to do so, yet, from the orders of The Church, they obeyed.

After many years had past, a vampire attack emerged from beyond the citadel walls at an outpost where the family member of one of the priests, were kidnapped.

Moved by emotions, he defied the Church's order and went out of the city to try and rescue back his flesh and blood.

This movie is a little bit of every genre rolled into one. There's a bit of thriller, there's a bit of action, there's a bit of drama but it works out pretty well. But to me, it's more of an action film which I like it a lot. And so I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Did you know that this movie is adapted from a Korean comic? But the storyline is waaay different since the Korean comic speaks of the battle against 12 fallen angels instead of vampires. Which makes more sense in a churchy kind of way.


Isaac Tan said...

Sounds like a cool movie from your explanation here. Thanks for reviewing it here bro!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, I like the movie. I loved the action and although I'm not fond at watching thrillers on the big screens, yet this wasn't really a scary movie. :)