Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prema Yin's Addicted/Marilah Music Video Preview

On the Sunday that went by, it wasn't a lazy one for me like it usually is.
After the preview of PS3 games, a walkaround the mall, back home for a short rest, it was out for me again (which is a rare thing) where I headed to Milk Club in Bangsar.
It was the preview to Prema Yin's music video for her new single Addicted or the Malay version is called Marilah before she heads off to LA for some performances soon.

The night was not short of Prema Yin's performances as she serenades her invited guests with acoustic versions of her songs and some contemporary songs.

I must say, an amazing singer who really can hit the high notes.

Reefa was the person to introduce Prema Yin that day:

Here's an interesting way to present an egg. LOL:

And of course, catching of the music video of Addicted,

then the Malay version, Marilah, which is the same music video.

I captured 2 songs that she sang in video.
Here's her performance of her song, Higher Love:

And this one's Jessie J's Price Tag:

Met Rahul there who was my former college classmate. LOL. He's in a band called One Buck Short now.
He recognized my face but don't remember who I am. I don't blame him, it's over 10 years. XD


Isaac Tan said...

Bro, have I told you that you're cool? XD

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

O_o What makes me cool?
Funny lah you.