Monday, May 16, 2011

POCC Celebrate Life with your BFF Pink Party

Alright, many of my friends were asking why am I not going to the Sepang Beach Party happened on last Saturday which was highly anticipated by many and a lot (and I do mean a lot) of the people that I know are going there.
Well, aside from being far (which my lazy side overcome my enthusiastic side), I was thinking of lending my support to the POCC event. POCC stands for Power Over Cervical Cancer.
I know, it's not as exciting as the Sepang Beach Party with foods and friends galore but still I went to take a look to what they had to offer.

Imagine to my surprise that I actually had a companion to accompany me and I'm glad she did. :)

There weren't much of a decoration at the front of Zouk, but it's very pinkish indeed. haha

After receiving a goodie bag (which most of the stuff I gave to my friend cause it's girl's stuff) we proceeded to settle ourselves down near the stage.
The hosts for the night are these two:

Pietro and Sarimah Ibrahim. Sarimah is one of the ambassador for POCC as well.
There was a sheet given to us at the entrance upon entering Zouk which was suppose to be a game for prizes. What we're supposed to do is to gather signature on the card given to us relating to the individual for example, a person wearing red shoes, a person having a watch, someone who has traveled abroad recently and one person can only sign once on a given card.

So then, prizes were handed out to the "fast five" who appeared on stage:

I don't know what Sarimah's doing gesturing that way. Looks like some kind of bird dance or something.
A speech by the Medical Director of the National Cancer Society Malaysia, Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram:

And then the sponsors giving their token and donations were next:
From Pureology:

Anna Sui:

Reebok Malaysia:

Mell Basics:

From Nose:

And a photo of all the sponsors:

Genevieve Sambhi, a survivor of cancer herself, shared her experience onstage after that and it was onwards to a short fashion show modeled by the ambassadors of POCC.
That's Genevieve:

Then Traclyn Yeoh:

Sara Khong:

Rina Omar:

Shelby Kho:

Doing a little western sharpshooter when she joins the line, LOL:

With Cindy Tey in the line:

The final person to end the fashion show, Sue Lynn aka bangsar-babe.

Then came the time to award the best dressed in pink for the night and these are the five finalists:

Sarimah in gangsta mode, yo:

To determine the winner, the finalists will need to do a catwalk and the one that has the loudest cheers from the crowd wins.
But first, Sarimah and Pietro showed them the ropes in doing a catwalk.......the comedic way!

Pietro strutting his stuff:

Sarimah, speaking some pointers to the 1st victim:

Look, up in the sky, it's a bird:

This handsome chap from Singapore emerged the champion. Genevieve was presenting the prize:

When the dance performance comes on:

me and my friend left. Gotta nurse her growling tummy before she faints of hunger.
Appreciate her companionship and the dinner. XD


Qi Wen said...

looks great and too bad i can't be there.. im one of the tiny ambassador too..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, I saw your name. Haha.

Another person I know who's an ambassador was Naomi Tham. :D

Isaac Tan said...

Nice support towards to cause bro!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ahahaha. Well, I didn't have a batik or Hawaiian shirt for the Sepang beach party anyway, so might as well join this. XD

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Thanks for the support for this cause.Also, having my name spell correctly (not many does) which is a great thumbs up for you. =)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Thanks Traclyn. :)