Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kelvin & Caroline's Treat At Ecoba

About a while back, I went to an event screening on a new TV series which is now out on Malaysia's Astro channel 702, Diva Universal Channel, which is called Fairly Legal.

At the screening, although the show was fairly interesting, the food that was served however, wasn't.

So courtesy of Diva Universal, the nice folks gave us some Ecoba vouchers to use.

Seeing that it'll be too extremely lavish to dine with just me and Caroline alone, I decided to offer a few others to join us in indulging ourselves.
So I asked Caroline to invite her boyfriend Eric along while I scout out the Chai sisters, Christy and Sanny, to join us.

Caroline with Christy and Sanny:

Our mission, to spend RM200 in food and drinks and to have a good time. :D

Me and Caroline arrived earlier to settle in.

Ya, ya, social media some more on your phone:

Smile with your orange juice:

And I had the pineapple juice.

Ecoba actually allow pets, but outdoor seating only.

I was famished, so I ordered my dish while Caroline wanted to wait for Eric to arrive first.
I ordered the grilled Chicken Chop:

The mushroom sauce that came with the Chicken Chop tastes exactly the same as the Carbonara Pasta I had here a few months ago before they switched to this new menu. But, of course, I like the sauce. :)

Once Eric arrived, Caroline ordered the Ecoba Surf N Turf to share with Eric:

The plate's portion is humongous. As you can see, two King Prawns on top side by side with two Lamb Cutlets and what's hidden underneath is the Filet Mignon and the Salmon Filet.
The two items on the sauce dishes are Butter Lemon Sauce and Apple Compote.

She also ordered the Chicken Wings for everyone to eat as well.

Tasted like the Buffalo Wings at Chilis only smaller.
Sanny ordered the Tomato Juice, which oddly enough comes in a smaller glass(?):

And the Spaghetti Bolognaise:

Christy went for the Roast Spring Chicken Veloute:

When the bill came, we were actually short of RM200 and discovered that government and service tax were not chargeable yet and so, to fully utilize our RM200, we ordered 2 desserts to come to the exact figure.
1st dessert:

Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream.
2nd dessert:

Banana and Peach Split. And that brings us to a total of RM200.
Mission accomplished.
A group pic to end it, I steal from Caroline, hehe.


Merryn said...

Nice! It's nice to spend RM200 when it's not your cash right? lol!

Koh Kian Fai said...

nice ar the food? =P good le got received voucher . . .

Isaac Tan said...

free food! Wahahaha. some more good food. Nice one!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yup, sure is good spending money not yours. XD

@Kian Fai
The food is ok. If you're there for some alcohol and you're feeling hungry, order something to try. :)

hahaha, free food is good food. XD

Caroline said...

LOL! Woi! i just check in place only ma dat time! :p n wats d point bring pet but put outside? :/

haha anyway nice meeting the Chai sisters! lol!!

well overall, foods stil ok la. i like the chicken wing n dessert of course! :p

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

There's seating area outside mah. So you can still enjoy Ecoba's food and drinks even though you have your pet with you. :)