Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Untold Story

A long, long time ago, there lived a boy with a dream. A dream that he kept so secret, that not only does he not tell anyone, but he deceived his own mind as well.
While he was living with his foster parents which he so hated, he's basically a loner and talks to no one but whispers to himself occasionally. The boy with few words rarely spoke a word a week and his usual response is often a simple yes or no.

Many people perceived him as a calm and happy-go-lucky kid but in his heart, he is far from it. He's a troubled soul who's always thinking about unpleasant thoughts day in, day out, night in, night out. Often thinking of suicide and homicide and major disasters and deaths.
After school, he will wander the streets aimlessly till nightfall arrives. That's when he heads back home for dinner and shower and immediately coops himself up in his room without a light on, either sitting quietly in the dark or lying in his bed, contemplating.

His parents are often baffled by his weird behavior since he was a cheerful and talkative kid when he was little, but came to accept him for what it is unbeknownst to them that he has a hatred for them. They often come to the conclusion that he's just tired and he just wants to be alone. Why does he had a hatred for his parents? He has driven himself to insanity until he feels that living under them with their house rules are too restrictive but nevertheless follows it down to the letter without a flinch.

So what was his dream? The dream that he so desires but he manipulated himself until even he doesn't know he has this feeling in him be free from the bondage of his parents and their rules.

He may not know it, he may had turned himself into a split personality person but the other part of him has been plotting and scheming a long time on how to achieve his dream and every morning from 3am till 6am, he turns into this person, where the evil in him rises. While playing the piano, his thoughts will churn out schemes and like clockwork, at 6am, he will automatically revert back into his old self again without him noticing.

Does he get to achieve his dream? What then after achieving it? How does he achieve it? Is his plan a devious and evil one which involves harming his parents or somebody? Does he live to become a horrid person all his life or will he transform into a regular everyday normal person?

To be continued....(?)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fairly Legal Special Screening

I went to the Fairly Legal special screening on the Wednesday that just gone by and man, I am quite disappointed. Not with the show, but the lack of going-on in the event.

Went to pick up this girl to accompany me, haha.

Caroline. Kinda feel sorry for her to bring her to such a crappy event. XD

Are you Curious:

Are you stylish:

We arrived around close to 7pm and in the Guest List names, Caroline spotted a name she's familiar with, Jolyn. And that was the beginning of meeting somebody new. haha

The drama is about Kate Reed, a person who moved from being an attorney to a mediator instead.
What's a mediator? A person who does settlement out of court who tries to bring an agreement between the 2 feuding parties.
This is the 1st time I'm hearing a mediator. I guess it's not that popular here in Malaysia but the States surely do need something like that since there's so many lawsuit battle most of the time.

Anyway, the show is fairly interesting seeing as to how Kate resolves conflict using many different methods such as the Solomon resolution method (threatening to destroy the one precious item to both parties), the offense is the best defense method and stuff like that.

As a guy, I do of course, enjoy watching beautiful babes on tv. XD

But I do think that this show is a bit too irrelevant for Malaysian audience. But hey, people do love to plop in front of the TV lazing on the couch after a hard and long arduous day at work.

The show debuts in May 5, 2011, 9pm for Malaysia at the Diva Universal Channel on Astro. That's channel 702.

Now my main gripe is the event itself. Although I did get a goodie bag containing a pillow and tissues, the thing is there's no dinner provided. :(

I sound like a freeloader, don't I? hahaha

But then, if you tell me the event is around dinnertime and inform that there'll be food served, I expect dinner.
But instead, we were served mostly finger food and snacks. I believe, a lot of people did expect to have dinner there cause I saw quite a few left before even the screening ended.

As a consolation, my fave DJ Serena C was the host. XD

Okay, gonna go off topic from here on.

Lately, I haven't been updating much even though I still have been attending some events.
I guess the mentality of wanting to quit everything has started kicking in to gear.

Friends have been asking why I don't tweet much anymore too. haha.
Ah well, somehow I just felt like I wanna blog about this event, even though I'm a little disappointed in it.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hop (2011) Movie Review

Thanks to Nuffnang, I manage to catch the movie Hop on March 30, 2011.

The story is about a bunny rabbit who's gonna be the one to take over her father as the Easter Bunny once he's old enough. But E.B. (who's the bunny is called, voiced by Russell Brand), always wanted to live a lifelong dream of becoming a drummer.

On the day of his inauguration as the Easter Bunny, E.B. ran away from Easter Island and headed to Hollywood to pursue his dream. Whilst searching for a place to settle which wasn't looking very prospective at the moment, he got hit by a car driven by Fred O'Hare (James Marsden).

Now Fred O'Hare is a guy who's jobless and was on his way to his sister's employer's house to house-sit since the sister didn't like dogs and hence passed the task to him and got him a job interview.

Taking this opportunity, E.B. faked severe injury in order to crash at Fred's place which was Fred's sister's employer's house. Lost you yet? LOL.

E.B. tend to annoy Fred a lot with his antics and keep messing things up for him.
In addition to this, E.B.'s father, knowing E.B. has ran away, sent the Pink Berets which are the Easter Bunny's royal guards to search for E.B.

Will E.B. get to live his dream as a drummer? Will Fred eventually get a job?
Watch the movie to find out!

This is pleasing to watch but I'm still looking for a movie that you can clearly say it's the movie of the year. For this movie, I rate 3.5 stars out of 5.