Friday, March 25, 2011

HP Ignite Your Senses Event

Right after the day of The Eagle screening, the night of Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I went to Zouk KL for the HP Ignite Your Senses event.

Apparently, they're launching some new products that is coming your way.

The MC for the night was Jojo Struys who look ever lovely as always.

After a welcoming speech by Jojo, it moved on to the speeches by the head honchos of HP (and 1 from Intel).
It started of with this guy:

Ong Khung Tatt of HP Malaysia. Better known as KT Ong, he's the country General Manager of Personal Systems Group (PSG). Once he's done with his welcoming speech, this guy came into the picture:

He's from Intel Malaysia. Prakash Mallya is his name and he's the Country Manager for Intel Malaysia.

When he's speech was over, along came:

Charlie Cheah, Market Development Manager of Consumer Portables of HP Malaysia.
She was introducing the MUSE concept which stands for (Materials, Usability, Sensory appeal and Experience).

And last but not least to give his speech:

Yap Chun Wei of HP Malaysia. Erm, I forgot what his role is.

Anyway, I find it quite annoying though that in between introducing speakers they would show a short commercial clip on the TV screens around Zouk on HP. I would find it better if the clip is a longer one shot clip on a big projected screen. But it could be just me. LOL.

Then they started the launch by lighting a bomb like device on stage and fireworks pursued!

and then it's time to introduce the new line of products from HP.

New products launch are the HP Pavillion DV4 and DV6 series laptops.

The new HP TouchSmart:

And the thinnest LED monitor:

Later on, me and Mel check out the products that are being displayed while loads of people queue up for food at the buffet table.

After the queue subsided a bit, I went to the buffet table but unfortunately, the food has finished before I could get to it. So then, I waited for them to refill and grab my food while people moved back in to Zouk's main room to watch Jojo Struys tap dance along with a lucky draw.

Later on, Jacky came to Zouk when the event was over so we decided to go to the bar for a drink.

I know I'm only drinking lime juice but I've already had enough of alcohol. LOL.
Plus all those smoke in Zouk makes me dizzy. :P