Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brand's 14-Day Get Smart Event

It was a Friday on March 25, 2011.
I headed on down to Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Centre for the 1st time with a mission:
to attend the launch of Brand's 14-Day Get Smart campaign.

Brand's Essence of Chicken latest promotion encourages it's consumers to take on the challenge of keeping themselves ahead of the competition by drinking Brand's Essence of Chicken daily and over 14 consecutive days, there'll be improved memory and mental concentration levels.

Research has shown that there were marked improvements in one's capability and mental performance once they drink Brand's Essence of Chicken daily. This research is backed by 4 independent clinical studies that were carried out worldwide over which, one of them is in Malaysia.

So at the event launch, after a welcome by the emcee, Mr. Koh Joo Siang, who is the General Manager of Cerebos gave an opening speech:

Some of the things he mentioned is that the positive attitude of pushing oneself to achieve personal best will not only help to stay ahead of the competition, but also to improve oneself for personal satisfaction. He also said that the Brand's Essence of Chicken is the only essence of chicken in the market that is scientifically proven to bring significant improvements to one's mental performance.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh was up next:

and he gave a very detailed and informative presentation. What do you expect from a Senior Manager of Brand's Health Science Centre on Brand's Brain Research Centre.
The centre is based in Singapore and is a key research facility to provide facts and evidence so as to not only show that Brand's Essence of Chicken does have positive results, but also to ensure that it's of high quality to achieve maximum results.

So after a short TV commercial preview for Brand's 14-day get smart product:

the moment all his fans were waiting for, Rynn Lim, took the stage and were introduced as Brand's Essence of Chicken ambassador.

For your info, Rynn has taken up a personal challenge whereby he will compose a song (with lyrics, music arrangement and all) within 14 days! Fans can go over to Brand's Smart Living Facebook page to see the progress.

It was then he signed the wall:

With a photo op:

With the rest of gang:

Then, to the delight of his fans, Rynn started to perform on stage.

The prize giving ceremony for the Facebook Contest winners were up next.
There were all sorts of ages. From the very young:

To the granny!

Even my friend Cia Wei was there:

After some chit chatting with friends at Starbucks, while I was leaving, MyFM crew were around at the stage and having some fun competition giving out prizes.

The Brand's Essence of Chicken is sold in 6-bottle packs of 42gm and 70gm sizes which are priced at RM24.20 and RM39.20 respectively.

There's also the limited edition Brand's 14-Day Get Smart Challenge packs that comes in a 14 70gm bottle pack which costs RM70.90.

During the period of the event, March 25 right up to 27, Brand's booth at Jusco Metro Prima also setup a donation box for the Japan disasters which goes to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund for the public to donate. For every donation that is RM1 and above, the person will get a bottle of 42gm Brand's Essence of Chicken. Great effort by Cerebos.