Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beastly (2011) Movie Review

Thanks to Blup-Blup and Cinema Online, I was invited to the special screening of Beastly at E@Curve on March 2, 2011 (Wednesday).
Originally intended to give me the preview to Underdog Soldiers (a RAM Entertainment's production) but somehow I was told that it was being given out in 1 Utama (which I was then at E@Curve). But it was cool. I still get to see a movie. And from some of my friends that were there, they told me it's better to watch Beastly.

So there I was.

Beastly follows the storyline similar to the well-known fairy tale entitled "Beauty and the Beast".
But unlike the original, this has a modern twist to it.

In the original storyline, the Beast was once a prince where one night an old beggar turned up at his house asking if she could stay the night out of the terrible storm. In return, she'll give him a rose but the prince seeing how hideous the beggar is, turned her away. Upon doing so, the beggar (which was an enchantress in disguised) put a curse on the prince turning him into a beast by his 21st birthday (or from the 1991 animation by Disney, before the last petal on the rose falls).

Of course, there are many versions of it.

For Beastly, the modern twist is a handsome successful young chap named Kyle Kingson (played by Alex Pettyfer) who relies on his good looks to rise to the top and has no shamed announcing that beautiful people have it better, getting away with his disrespectful ways and yet still get people to vote for him to become president of an environmental club.

One of his collegemate who's better known as a witch, warned him about his ways but instead of accepting her advice, he played her. That's when she put a spell on him which turns him into a hideous person and will need to find someone who truly loves him by saying "I Love You" to him despite his looks.

Ashamed of her gruesome look, he was stashed away by his father to an isolated house where he staffed his maid and a blind tutor to be at his service.

Will he ever find someone to fall for him in time before his time is up? Well, of course we know how the story ends.

Beastly is surprisingly good to watch but as usual lacks the finesse I always look for to rate a movie really good. This is a noteworthy watch, but I wouldn't categorized it as really good.

So 3.5 stars out of 5.