Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waffle Tasting Session at Geláre

Initially, thinking that I was supposed to make waffle (from the invitation mail it was stated waffle making session) but after being there, the only thing I made was choosing my ice cream to go with the waffle (Phew! I'm hopeless in making food. :P)

Wait, what? Went to this place on Thursday night (February 10, 2011):

Geláre at e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Arrived around 7.30pm due to traffic being a killer that day and was already greeted with a plate of these:

A nice plate of pancakes awaiting me to nom it down to see how it tastes like.
I'm not sure what is this, but I guess it's either blueberry or raspberry on top.
There's also a splash of maple syrup on it and a scoop of whipped cream at the side. I love whipped cream. The combination of the topping and the syrup makes it really sweet which I would prefer just the pancake with maple syrup and whipped cream on it.
The taste is not bad.

This dish is new and will be available come Valentine's day. There's also the flavor of the pancakes served with bananas on top and also with strawberry and of course, with maple syrup and whipped cream.

The drinks that I selected are:

Peach on the left and mango on the right. The mango tasted fine with authentic mango but a word of warning! After I consumed the pancakes which were really sweet, it drowned out the sweetness of my drinks. LOL.

After the pancakes, it's onward to the waffles. A selection of ice creams to go with the waffles.

And more on the front of the shop.

The usual premium ice cream flavors available at Geláre are:
* Banana Walnut
* Butter Pecan
* Cappucino
* Chocolate Overload
* Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
* Cookies 'N Cream
* Green Tea
* Honey Malt Crunch
* Jamaican Chocolate
* Macadamia Nut
* Mocha Chip
* Oregon Mint Fudge
* Passionfruit
* Pistachio Nut
* Pralines 'N Cream
* Rum 'N Raisin
* Swiss Chocolate Caramel
* Tiramisu
* Tropical Mango
* Vanilla Bean
* Vanilla Chocolate Chip
* Wild Strawberry

Here's me and Feeq's selection.

I chose Mocha Chip while Feeq chose Jamaican Chocolate.
There's also maple syrup on it.

Waffles that I have ever tasted in my life would be from A&W and Waffle World in 1Utama.
At A&W, some people loved the waffles but I say it really depends on your timing. At times, I get a good crispy waffle to go with butter and syrup while oftentimes I get soggy, soft, cold waffles.
In Waffle World, the waffles are nice too, couple it with ice cream and it's a nice eat.
But I've gotta say the waffles here at Geláre are slightly better than Waffle World. Nice crispy and hot and with their great ice cream flavors, it's one up from the normal ice cream flavors from Waffle World.

Geláre's ice creams are all natural which means it's ingredients do not include artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.

Here's another waffle I tasted:

With the flavors Chocolate Overload and Mocha Chip ice cream.

Ate it with this bunch of bloggers:

Shereen and partner, Andrew, missyblurkit and erm, a leng cai (sorry don't know your name).
Also there were:

Naomi and her boyfriend (not the device, the guy!)

A little else looking around the shop:

An interesting mural.

Syrups in a row.

Fancy some other things to eat from the glass case?
Geláre is available in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong besides Malaysia.
The address in Malaysia is:
Level G, Lot G-30 & G-31,
E@Curve (Formerly Cineleisure)
No.24 Jalan PJU7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 4
7810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

One more waffle shot for the road, this is with Sorbet on top.

---- Oh, one more thing, Geláre's freshly baked waffles are half price every Tuesday.
So you know when's the best time to head on down. ;) ----


Nava K said...

wow - certainly looks yummy although I am not a big lover of ice-cream but love waffles.

yomi said...

Kelvin, quite smart ah you.. dont know the guy's name.. put him as leng chai. LOL!

come let me help you... his name is Donovan. LOL!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Go try the waffles. To me I feel it's the best I've tried so far. Haven't tried House of Waffles to compare before. Will do so when I have the opportunity. :)

Ooh, his name Donovan ah. Thank you for enlightening me. :)

Unknown said...

wow, delicious waffel.. love to eat one of them,

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