Monday, February 28, 2011

Cinema Online

What's your favorite pastime when you wanna do something for leisure?
I'm sure most of us love watching a movie.

But how in the 1st place do you get your movie info?
Most of us would usually look at the respective websites of the movie theater if we're not using the conventional way of being at the theater itself to see what's showing or through the newspaper.

Have you heard of Cinema Online before?

It's a very convenient website that has the showtime for ALL of the cinemas in Malaysia and not just one particular brand of movie theater.
There's also a reservation option available at the website (currently it's only restricted to GSC cinema movies).

On top of that, it's also a one-stop movie showcase where it contains reviews, showtimes, and trailers of movies.

But not restricted to that, it also contains news related to movies and cinemas and a forum for members to discuss on.

The web address for Cinema Online is:
And their Facebook page is:

What if I tell you that you can watch movies for free?
Aside from the contest at Cinema Online, currently, Hahah runs campaign on a weekly basis in collaboration with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets as well.
Their Facebook page is:

So head on down to these 2 facebook pages and their websites proactively participating and you just might end up with free movie tickets.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yogi Bear (2011) Movie Review

Yogi Bear is a cartoon show that I've watched when young but since that was a long time ago, I can't remember much about it. This movie serves as a refresher for me.

Thanks to The Star for the complimentary passes, I managed to catch the Yogi Bear movie on it's last week of screening at GSC.

It's about the corruption of the mayor in the town and due to the deficit of money that the mayor has been lavishly spending on, he decided to close down Jellystone Park (the place that houses Yogi Bear and Boo Boo) and sell it to developers so that he can make money and to top it all off to ensure that he gets votes in the coming election, he's gonna allocate $1000 to each and every citizen of the town.

Due to this, Ranger Smith, the caretaker of Jellystone Park, decided to come up with an idea so that Jellystone Park will make profit instead of always losing money which in turn the mayor will be forced to keep it opened.
So Ranger Smith thought up of a centennial celebration of Jellyston Park in which a discount will be given to purchase the season passes to the park.

But, as usual, encouraged by Ranger Jones who schemed for the failure of this plan so that he can be made head ranger, Yogi Bear somehow messed it up by getting involved in it.

After the flop of the plan, they'll need to find another way to save the park. What will it be? See the movie to know! Of course, it's no longer showing, so probably through DVD or something, haha.

The movie was quite average but it does bring back childhood memories. It's weird seeing a 3d animated Yogi Bear and Boo Boo in the movie since we're all used to the cartoon version of them. But nonetheless, it's an enjoyable show and a family wholesome one.

It's also weird to know that Justin Timberlake did the voice of Boo Boo.

And so I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mechanic (2011) Movie Review

This movie best sums into a line from the movie: it's all about revenge.

Jason Statham plays Arthur Bishop in this action movie. A hitman which makes a very clean killing so that no one suspects it's foul play.
One day, one of the 2 head honchos of the company which hires him, Dean (played by Tony Goldwyn) informs Arthur that his next target is the other head honcho which Arthur is close to which is also Arthur's mentor, Harry McKenna (played by Donald Sutherland). Dean fabricated a lie saying how Harry sold out the company giving out mission details.

So Arthur carried out his mission but for the 1st time, he's emotionally attached to the mission. He felt sorry for his son and take him in and guided him to become a Mechanic (the term used in the movie as a hitman). The son, though, was a person who loves a challenge and thinks highly of himself and was very determined to find his father's killer and kill him.

After a few missions and Harry's son, Steve (by Ben Foster) has gotten better, there was one mission where after completing it, they were discovered and had to split up and rendezvous at another place and time. There by accident, Arthur discovered Dean's lie and headed out to exact revenge on Dean because it's either him or them that's gonna be dead.

That was when Steve found out that Arthur was his father's killer but kept it to himself until they successfully eliminated Dean.

I like Jason Statham's style in action where he seems to be invincible in the Transporter movie series. But this movie, though supposed to be an action movie, falls slightly into the category of boring at the beginning and the middle part of the movie. It's only the ending part that it looks much more interesting. Even then, the big bad guy falls too easily seemingly unworthy to be the big boss if you ask me.

I would therefore, give this movie 3 stars out of 5.
Thanks to TimeOut KL for the passes to the preview. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day so what did you guys and gals do?
As for me, I only went out with a couple of guy friends to have a drink.

If you're single, don't turn Valentine's Day into a SAD (Single Awareness Day) day.
But instead, turn it into a HAPPY (Hopeful, Ambitious People Partying Youthfully) day! XD

A friend of mine, April, mentioned about receiving a marriage proposal on her Facebook by some stranger who has a panda as his profile picture.

Coincidentally, on that morning, I stumbled upon a video that shows a collection of disturbing Panda product commercials that looks like it's from the middle east.

Have a look at it from this link:

Somehow, I couldn't resist the urge to forward it to her. XD

I hope I didn't freak her out too much, haha.
But I swear that panda commercial sure had massacred the Buddy Holly song which to me, I actually feel that it's a very romantic song.

Here's the full song:

It's now a fave for me to sing!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Magnum Lou Sang With Bloggers Event

Magnum has always organized really good events so when I heard about them organizing a lou sang (a Chinese tradition of salad tossing during Chinese New Year. Usually on the 7th day but not limited to that day, believed to bring prosperity and good luck) I was thrilled and happily looked forward to the event.
Why I feel that their event is really good it's because they really make you feel like a VIP. So far, that's how I feel about it, ALL of their events that I attended.

The day set was yesterday evening.
The first stop was at the Magnum building located at Jalan Pudu for us to witness the live draw of the winning 4D numbers and to help us understand how the draw is conducted.

The secured room is as secure as a bank's money vault!
Nobody is allowed to enter this room alone under any circumstances, not the staff of Magnum, not even the CEO!
It would have to be at least 3 persons to just open the doors.
Outside the room greeting us when we enter are guards to ensure that it doesn't overflow with people coming in since this is open for the public to witness the draw when there is one.
In fact, the draw will be done by a random selection from the public and then the results will be on this board:

We were really lucky to be given the opportunity to enter the room before the public and a briefing given to us.

Unfortunately, I believe most of us do not understand no matter how much they try to make it as clear as possible because the draw process is such an elaborate, complicated process to ensure that it's totally random in it's results and that there is no tampering of it.

There's four sets of number balls and 2 sets of letter balls that'll be on the stage and everytime a draw is conducted, the same balls may not be used.
There's around over 50 sets of balls that will be selected using the roll of dices to determined which one will be used.
What's interesting about these numbers and letters balls, it's purely rubber balls imported from the makers in France and each set has undergone an x-ray machine before being put to use to see whether are there any foreign substances that will affect the outcome of the game.
Also, each balls are weighed before being used in every draw and if there's a difference of 0.02mg between the balls, that set will NEVER be used again.

Noticed the CCTV cameras and the screens:

There are around 16 CCTV cameras all around and as you can see from the screens, there's dedicated cameras focused directly on the number balls and other items. There's a backup set of CCTV cameras that are in place in case of technical difficulties hence you see the 2 different types of cameras at the picture above.
One that is the rounded orb type while another, behind the screens, the normal security type of cameras.
So each draw is actually recorded and a copy will be sent to the Ministry of Finance to review on whether the draw was conducted in a fair manner.

Once the briefing's done, (me still being blur as how it's conducted) we break for awhile enjoying a little snack before the doors are open to the public and the draw commences.

Among those that are there with me are these 3 lovely ladies:

Sharon (who's there as my guest), Wendy (who brought her mom. Such a sweet daughter) and Kelly.

When the doors are opened and the draws about to begin, a presenter stands at the stage and addresses to the audience.

That box in front were supposed to contain the names of us and 4 persons will be selected of which 2 will be the people who draw the winning numbers.
And drew they did:

This was done after an inspection of the balls and the booth it's housed in by the committee on duty that day.
Out of the four chosen, they would then pick an envelope each where inside the envelopes contain a slate and those with an 'X' mark on the slate are the ones chosen which were these 2:

Then the 3 (there's one more I don't know where she came from but am assuming that it's member of the public or is it one of the staff chosen at random?) will pick one out of the 3 envelopes to determine which sets they'll be drawing and also another 3 envelopes to know who's drawing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize number.

Once that's settled (BTW there's an internal auditor to see the whole process to make sure nothing fishy is happening) the draw begins with the person who's in the 1st sequence with the instruction from the presenter:

There's not much a whole lot happening after that, just lots of watching balls spin:

and watching balls get lifted by the drums:

and a whole lot of swearing from those die-hard uncle gamblers at the back. LOL.
Kelly as always were all-smiles:

Looks like she's like pretending to be some game show hostess presenter.

----------Once that is over and done, another chapter begins----------

We then headed on over to Overseas Restaurant at Jalan Imbi for the much anticipated lou sang.

Wendy with her mother and Sharon and Kelly as passengers had a bit of a directional problem heading towards the restaurant but thankfully they managed to arrive in the end.
All of us were waiting for them to arrive just so that we don't start without them (see what I mean by VIP treatment from Magnum!)

When the lou sang dish were ready, so were our chopsticks:

We then unanimously tossed the dish and this was the aftermath from our table:

Next dish was the shark's fin soup:

This has fish in it:

And some meaty portion, chicken (that's what they told me it is. Tasted like duck to me). Too dry for my taste though. Could use some sauce:

Once that dish was eaten, it was a break from eating for some prizes where everybody is ensured one!

But before the draw for prizes, Magnum is getting all the ladies and 2 guys to give that specially made box a spin where Magnum will be buying one 4D normal ticket and a 4D Jackpot ticket with those numbers and should it strike a prize, 10% will be given to charity while the rest of the winning cash will be divided equally among all of us that attended this dinner.
So then the ladies started spinning the numbers with Wendy's mother being the first to do so:

and then goes on with the rest:

And the result are these 3 numbers which will be bought:

While that was going on, 2 more dishes sneaked onto my table. One is shrimps:

While the other is this:

Then the lucky draw came in:

I just got a consolation prize which is RM28 cash voucher for Magnum 4D tickets.
And she got the grand prize which is erm, RM200 over, RM400 over worth of cash voucher?

Wasn't concentrating anymore since there's 2 new dish in front of me. :P
Final dish was noodles:

before desserts.
Desserts were these:

One more fact that I gathered from them is that Magnum 4D Jackpot, which is a patented and copyrighted trademark of Magnum (means no one else in the world can have that kind of game unless with permission) has the lowest odds in striking among all the 4D Jackpot games which is 14 million to 1.
And to show that it's in all fairness and randomness and no tampering from the staff at Magnum, Magnum staffs are allowed to purchase 4D numbers as well.

All in all, a very enjoyable and satisfied evening spent with the people from Magnum.
We chat, we laughed, we joked from topics about their ghostly encounters at hotel rooms to the most famous question when people knew they're from Magnum which is "Can you gimme number ah?"

They're even very apologetic when they found out that one of the guest were vegetarian and quickly asked one of the waitress to take a separate order for him.

I look forward to the next event Magnum will be organizing and would surely hope to be there!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waffle Tasting Session at Geláre

Initially, thinking that I was supposed to make waffle (from the invitation mail it was stated waffle making session) but after being there, the only thing I made was choosing my ice cream to go with the waffle (Phew! I'm hopeless in making food. :P)

Wait, what? Went to this place on Thursday night (February 10, 2011):

Geláre at e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Arrived around 7.30pm due to traffic being a killer that day and was already greeted with a plate of these:

A nice plate of pancakes awaiting me to nom it down to see how it tastes like.
I'm not sure what is this, but I guess it's either blueberry or raspberry on top.
There's also a splash of maple syrup on it and a scoop of whipped cream at the side. I love whipped cream. The combination of the topping and the syrup makes it really sweet which I would prefer just the pancake with maple syrup and whipped cream on it.
The taste is not bad.

This dish is new and will be available come Valentine's day. There's also the flavor of the pancakes served with bananas on top and also with strawberry and of course, with maple syrup and whipped cream.

The drinks that I selected are:

Peach on the left and mango on the right. The mango tasted fine with authentic mango but a word of warning! After I consumed the pancakes which were really sweet, it drowned out the sweetness of my drinks. LOL.

After the pancakes, it's onward to the waffles. A selection of ice creams to go with the waffles.

And more on the front of the shop.

The usual premium ice cream flavors available at Geláre are:
* Banana Walnut
* Butter Pecan
* Cappucino
* Chocolate Overload
* Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
* Cookies 'N Cream
* Green Tea
* Honey Malt Crunch
* Jamaican Chocolate
* Macadamia Nut
* Mocha Chip
* Oregon Mint Fudge
* Passionfruit
* Pistachio Nut
* Pralines 'N Cream
* Rum 'N Raisin
* Swiss Chocolate Caramel
* Tiramisu
* Tropical Mango
* Vanilla Bean
* Vanilla Chocolate Chip
* Wild Strawberry

Here's me and Feeq's selection.

I chose Mocha Chip while Feeq chose Jamaican Chocolate.
There's also maple syrup on it.

Waffles that I have ever tasted in my life would be from A&W and Waffle World in 1Utama.
At A&W, some people loved the waffles but I say it really depends on your timing. At times, I get a good crispy waffle to go with butter and syrup while oftentimes I get soggy, soft, cold waffles.
In Waffle World, the waffles are nice too, couple it with ice cream and it's a nice eat.
But I've gotta say the waffles here at Geláre are slightly better than Waffle World. Nice crispy and hot and with their great ice cream flavors, it's one up from the normal ice cream flavors from Waffle World.

Geláre's ice creams are all natural which means it's ingredients do not include artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.

Here's another waffle I tasted:

With the flavors Chocolate Overload and Mocha Chip ice cream.

Ate it with this bunch of bloggers:

Shereen and partner, Andrew, missyblurkit and erm, a leng cai (sorry don't know your name).
Also there were:

Naomi and her boyfriend (not the device, the guy!)

A little else looking around the shop:

An interesting mural.

Syrups in a row.

Fancy some other things to eat from the glass case?
Geláre is available in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong besides Malaysia.
The address in Malaysia is:
Level G, Lot G-30 & G-31,
E@Curve (Formerly Cineleisure)
No.24 Jalan PJU7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 4
7810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

One more waffle shot for the road, this is with Sorbet on top.

---- Oh, one more thing, Geláre's freshly baked waffles are half price every Tuesday.
So you know when's the best time to head on down. ;) ----