Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where's The Party 2 by Carlsberg

Merry Christmas everybody. Just woke up from my sleep after working the whole day on Christmas eve and I'm feeling energetic! Hence, I thought I update my blog a bit.

The much anticipated party themed 'Where's the Party?' by Carlsberg was back again for the 2nd time after their 1st highly successful grand party earlier this year. I tell you, the 1st one was the best party I ever had. Despite me not being in a party mood back then, but yet I had a great time and due to my hectic work life earlier this year, my blogging life came to an almost standstill.

So from the lavish spending on the 1st party, I wasn't expecting much from this 2nd time around. In fact, I wasn't even expecting them to have the 2nd one so soon!

We carpooled to the meeting point which was at Shah Alam Stadium on a cloudy Saturday afternoon.

Soon after that, the sudden rain ensued and we counted our blessings for arriving in a dry fashion.

The convoy of buses ready to depart to the secret location:

Pretty soon, we departed off to the location but I was a bit disappointed to learned that our joyride ended in just 5 minutes because the destination was merely at the Carlsberg brewery in Shah Alam. Nonetheless, reminding myself of never to compare it with the 1st party, I hope they have something interesting in store there besides the endless supply of Carlsberg beer.

The welcoming party once arrived:

which quickly dispersed to a shaded area to continue the welcome when it started to rain again. LOL.

Since the time was already 4pm plus and most had not eaten or had an early lunch, most of us proceeded straight down to a street full of stalls distributing food around:

There were popcorn, cotton candies, Nasi Lemak, hot dogs and burgers, kaya balls, satay, nuggets, ice creams and of course Carlsberg beer.

Due to intermittent rain, I proceeded to seek shelter at tents instead of looking around at what games there are to play after filling my stomach even though they did distribute out raincoats and umbrellas.

A little later close to 5.30pm, the sky started to clear and that's when I took the opportunity to have a look around.

It was basically a Carlsberg carnival or fun fair since there were rides like ferris wheel and pirate ships,

and many carnival types of games setup all around. This here is fishing rubber duckies to find those that has the Carlsberg logo underneath:

I find this to be the most interesting, a balloon hoisting you sky high:

Didn't manage to see a lot due to shortness in time and bad weather hence making it difficult to redeem much once points are tallied for redemption.

Just like the last time around, the much received massage area was setup too, but I discovered it a little too late:

When night falls, at 8pm, it's time for the performances to start off:

I stayed around a bit more before taking the shuttle bus back to the stadium to collect my car so that I can head on home.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Puma Social Event Finale Party

I missed out on the last time Puma Social was around and so I've decided to attend this time around. Held at the :

Cosmic Bowl at Mid Valley Megamall, that's where I went right after a few rounds of beers at the Tiger's Living It Up party.

Of course I was with the same bunch of gang I was with before that (minus one because Jacky had to go pick up his wife or something)

And this girl, Sharon, kept on being busy taking photos on the surroundings:

Well, the reason for holding the event at the bowling alley was an obvious one. Aside from the setup stage for the performances, it's a night to enjoy some bowling the wacky and crazy fun way.

There were a spate of teams, each having to bowl the way their team name implies that was set by Puma organizers.
The team names and how they need to bowl it:
1) Playerz
Members had to pair up and bowl whist having their arms around each other's waist.

2) Top Shots
With a Puma shoe in the middle of the bowling lane, they have to spin the ball around the shoe to hit the pins.

3) Picfreaks
Snap a photo of themselves while bowling.

4) Hotstuff
Do a catwalk while bowling and strike the best pose till the ball hits the pins (or not. LOL)

5) Songbirdz
Had to belt out their fave karaoke song while bowling.

6) Wigglers
Dance while bowling until they strike the pins.

7) Bottom Uppers
Drink a shot of Jagermeister before bowling and drink the number of shots according to the number of pins left standing if no strike.

8) Foodies
Eat a sausage without holding it while bowling.

There's also a group of VIPs, where they will have to bowl using their feet.

Aside from the actual bowling there's actually an Xbox Kinect to play bowling with too!

Yeah, that's the way to play it:

No console, full body movement mimicking the actual movement where the console's sensors will pick up the movement.

There were some performances for the night but the only picture I snapped that is performance related was Nadhira. LOL.

With the many friends that I haven't seen in a while and the free flow of Carlsberg and Jaeger-Bombs (concoction of Red Bull and Jagermeister) to distract me, it's not surprising that I had my attention elsewhere. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tiger Living It Up Party

After the Heineken Green Space on Tuesday, I headed back to this place again on a Friday night:

Vertigo club. But this time, instead of the really cold room Bianco, it was the other room that I went into for the Tiger Living It Up party.

This time, this room looks bigger. Maybe because of the layout and the spaciousness I had. LOL.
The bar area:

When I arrived the DJ was spinning the night away:

People I brought along:

And a fellow I haven't seen for a long time, Jacky!

The night started around 10pm with the Chong sisters as hosts:

But I was about to take my leave. However, I did stay a bit for ManhanD's performance:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (2011) Movie Review

Once more, Magnum Movie Nite was back again with it's 8th time bringing to us the movie Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.

This time around, as a blogger, didn't get the VIP treatment like how it was with the previous events done by Magnum but then, having to watch an awesome movie with a bunch of my friends is a good thing.

As usual, tickets to the movie were snapped up pretty fast when word got around the social media after Magnum announced on the Magnum Movie Nite #8 and fortunately for me, I managed to grab 2 pairs for myself and my friends.

Mission Impossible 4 begins with the IMF being intercepted on a mission which caused the death of an agent by a hired hitman or rather, hitwoman. They were supposed to take away Russian nuclear launch codes to deter it from falling into the wrong hands.
Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) doing time in a Russian prison was busted out of there by the IMF to lead the team on a mission to find out the person who's responsible for this and put a stop to it before something bad happens. To do so, him and his team were to infiltrate the Kremlin to retrieve archives from it that contains vital information to the person.
During the mission, they were led to failure by being sabotaged by another party who were after another thing which led to the Russians thinking that the US bombed the Kremlin.

As the tension between Russians and US grew, the US president has initiated "Ghost Protocol" which is to deny knowing and involvement with the IMF team and declare that they are a rogue group.

With the Russians hot on the heels of Ethan and his team, no more backup from the US government AND to complete the mission by taking out the one responsible for all this chaos before any nuclear missiles are launched it seemed more than impossible to ever finish such a mission. Find out how Ethan and his team succeeds by watching the movie!

Just like all the other Mission Impossible movies, the storyline is confusing. But unlike the other Mission Impossible movies, this is more of an action comedy with plenty of funny moments galore. That makes it a great watch instead of purely action with a few cheesy lines thrown at it.

Hence I would rate this movie 4 out of 5 if you're not a person who cares much on storylines. LOL.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heineken Green Space - December 13, 2011

Heineken Green Space has come a long way and the one I enjoyed the most was when The Breakfast Club held it and it was one heck of a lifetime experience. Read about it here:

This time around it was back again with the Dragonsoft Research technology showcase.

It was held at a club I've never been before called the Vertigo club at Gardens, Mid Valley right next to GSix. And so I went to take a look around.
This is the bar area:

Seating all around the club area for drinkers to chill:

The place was awfully cold due to quite a number of high propulsion fans above in the already air conditioned room. What's more, it was a rainy evening too!

As you enter the club, you are given an RFID tag a person shaped just like a watch and once indoors, you will need to register the RFID tags to have it working at the registration area:

There's not many technology that was showcased but nonetheless there were a handful. However, it's what you would've seen before.

This one here is a photo collection of what has already been published once your photo is taken from one of the photo screens:

Another would be this which sense the object that is placed above the designated area of the table to bring out specific windows onto the screen:

And this here laptop projects the 3D modelling images at the screen once it reads the emoticon looking codes on the cards:

All in all a chilly, chilling atmosphere all around with the DJs spinning R&B tunes on the decks while I down Heinekens for my enjoyment.
I ended the night with this guy flinging lighted thing around. LOL.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alvin & the Chipmunks 3: Chip-Wrecked (2011) Movie Review

On Wednesday night, 7 December, 2011, I had the opportunity to catch the screening of Alvin & the Chipmunks 3: Chip-Wrecked.

Fresh from The Muppets movie disappointment, I'm eagerly hoping that this kid-friendly movie will do way so much better than The Muppets movie.

The movie starts off with Dave, the Chipmunks and Chipettes on their way boarding a cruise ship for a vacation before they're heading off to perform at the music awards. As usual, Alvin is up to his antics again and before long, they were restricted to playing shuffleboard. Bored out of his wits, Alvin decided to plan up something to escape from such a boring rut. After Dave dozed off like clockwork, Alvin decided to trade in Theodore's donuts for a kite from a chubby kid nearby. Alvin was using the kite as a parasail and it wasn't long before something went horribly wrong. All of the Chipmunks and Chipettes lost control of the kite and they then went overboard the ship.

To Dave's horror, Dave tried to go after them but unintentionally had brought along Uncle Ian who was working as the mascot of the ship when he tried to stop him. Pretty soon, Dave and Ian too found themselves left behind by the cruise ship.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes later found an island and went ashore there till Dave comes along to rescue them. After settling down for a period of time at the island. They soon found that there's another inhabitant on the island who had been there for 8 or 9 years. Unbeknown to them, the woman's motive at the island was actually to discover hidden gold from a map she possess and will do anything and stop at nothing to get to it. This poses a danger to the Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Will they ever get off the island and make it to the music awards in time? Will they ever be reunited with Dave again? Find out what happens at the movie!

Unlike the Muppets movie which merely made me feel old with nostalgic memories, this third installment of the Chipmunks movie is a really fun show to watch. I would rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.

Friday, December 09, 2011

The Muppets (2011) Movie Review

Had the privileged to catch the Muppets the Monday that went by.
The movie's story revolves around a muppet named Walter (voiced by Peter Linz). Walter has a human family and is closest to his brother Gary (played by Jason Segel) and they grew up to become the best of buddies. Both are great fans of the Muppets, Walter especially.

Gary has a girlfriend named Mary (played by Amy Adams) and upon having their 10th Anniversary upcoming, Gary and Mary decided to spend it by going on a vacation to Los Angeles. However, Gary decided to ask Walter to tag along so that he can visit the Muppet Theater. This makes Mary uneasy as she feels that Gary pays more attention to Walter more than her.

When they visited the Muppet Theater, they saw that it was rundown and the Muppets don't seem to be together anymore and neither does anybody care about the Muppets. Out of adoration for the Kermit the Frog, Walter snuck into his office to peek around. During his subterfuge move, he discovered that Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper) is buying over the Muppet Theater under the pretext that he's gonna build a museum of the Muppets but in reality, he's just interested in the oil that is contained underneath the Muppet Theater and the only way the Muppets can repurchased back the Theater is by raising $10 Million dollars before a certain period of time.

Out of shock, Walter explains to Gary and Mary and tries to save the theater by seeking Kermit the Frog for help.

After managing to locate and convince Kermit the Frog, they went all over to gather back the old gang and try to raise $10 million dollars by putting on a show again with a very limited time.

Will they succeed in getting back the theater? Watch to find out!

This show to me may bring back memories but then, it makes me feel old rather than being a kid again. It may not be so worth the watch to me hence I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Brazil

Headed back down to KL Live again the Saturday that went by for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge event.

Spot the odd car out. LOL.
This time around, it sports the Brazilian theme.
A capoeira performance on stage:

Fire dance:

Percussion performance:

The host and hostess for the night:

Samba mode!

Met a lot of people I knew there but I didn't take a lot of pictures, though.
Those that I was with, Sherry of course, Jiayeen,

Elwyn, Melissa, Tony, Iris, Benjamin & gf, Ryan, Isaac, Joel,

Ryan, Yeeing, Jackie, Kahmon.
And a shoutout to the people I meet again, Zoey, Felicia, Esther, Louise,

Naomi, Priya and even Naomi's friend that I took to Where's the Party last time (sorry, I forgot your name >.<)
and to my surprise, Felixia (sorry, this time it was me who couldn't recognize you in the beginning. But nice to meet you again. :D)
Well, a big shoutout to everyone I know. Sorry, if I miss out your name.

I'm lost of words for this event. LOL.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Random Thought

Just felt a bit emo this evening due to going without food for almost the whole day.
Sometimes this happens to me if I don't eat for long hours, I tend to feel emo. Then I'll be like a girl on period having major mood swings very easily but instead of being angry, I get sad and I tend to find reasons for being sad. But once I filled my stomach, I'll be back to normal again.

This evening was one of those times for being that way and it got me to think random thoughts that make me feel sad.

What came to mind was this:
Oftentimes I get people asking me why am I always alone? One asked that I'm always seen going to events alone and start mingling around with different groups (which is a big improvement from what I was last time. I don't even mingle). Another told me stop being by myself always and start calling people out (which I don't normally. I usually try asking one or two persons when I have extra passes and such and if they're not free, I start giving away through social media).
Honestly, I don't have a full answer to that. I don't even know why I'm that way. But most probably, the biggest factor would be not getting along with my family when I was a teenager and having a nervous breakdown.

But then again, I guess after moving out from my family, I started to adapt to strike a balance. I tend to favor being alone at times while wanting to hang out with some good friends at other times. I don't know. Sometimes I'm blinded.

At other times, even when I feel like I wanna hang out with people but ended up alone, I grew so accustomed to being alone, that I had psyched myself into liking it.
This do pose as a problem sometimes as I feel awkward when I started hanging out with people.

If this post doesn't make any sense, well, that's because my thoughts are all jumbled up and I'm just typing away nonsensically to relieve myself. LOL. So don't mind me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bloggers Night Out with Tim, Overtime, Pavilion KL

Tim O'Rourke:

The man behind Starker beer, a German-styled beer that's brewed here in Malaysia was in town and I had the opportunity to meet up with the man to get a bit of chatter with him.

Basically, it happened in:

Overtime, Pavilion KL.
A bit of an info on Starker beer, the beer contains a bit of an aromatic flavor to it due to the ingredient of some orange peels and coriander added to it and it's really a fresh beer. After 3 days in the brewery, the shelf life for it must not exceed 7 days.

Also, it's served straight from the keg where you can have a try at knocking the tap head onto the keg if you order a small barrel, haha:

Starker is German for 'stronger'.

Besides Starker beer and the company of Tim, we get to try the food at Overtime as well.
Beancurd Pork, the most delicious item I tried on the menu:

Honey Char Siew, also not bad:

'Fire pork' as it's called:

and of course the timeless crunchy pork (siew yuk):

Cantonese Hor Fun:

This is grilled chicken chop:

Crispy pork knuckle that has been decimated for consumption:

Pan Fried Fish:

Sang Har Yee Mee:

A little tour of Overtime. There's the bar:

The place that leads to the entrance:

and a small stage for live performances:

Me toying with the hammer:

Before Tim left, we had a group photo with him:

A wonderful indulgence in the flavorful Starker beer and the company of many bloggers.