Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Just wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
So what did you guys do on Christmas? :)

I did something unusual. I went for a Chess Competition instead.
Haven't been playing chess competitions for about 12 years has really got me real rusty.

Out of the 7 games I played, I only won 2. XD
Twice lost on time (shows how rusty I am. I used to win on time. Now I can't think that fast and I'm easily distracted), twice lost by really bad mistakes and one that I lost fair and square. haha

First game, I made not one, not 2, but THREE mistakes. One mistake is already enough to cost me the game, what's more 3.

Anyway, it was fun playing chess competition again. This time, I wasn't as serious as I used to be during my school days, so it doesn't matter if I lose.

But to my surprise, despite winning only 2 games (1 out of sheer luck because the guy made 2 gravely mistakes), I STILL go home with a prize!

It's due to the lucky draw. And this is what I got:

A turtle soft toy. XD
I was carrying it all the way home in public, LOL.

Certainly had fun and I definitely would wanna go for more chess competition in the future again. Now, just play for fun instead of worrying about rankings and prize moneys. I'm supposed to be retired. haha


ZhengNorahs said...

That purple turtle is mine! lol