Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Heineken Thirst presents Godskitchen Boombox

It was held at a super far venue, the Welcome Center at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) and it was gonna rain when I was about to head on down there. I had a lot of second thoughts on whether to go for the rave party. I finally decided not to let the complimentary tickets go to waste and started moving along to meet up with my friend for dinner before heading down there together. The friend that I invited along was very eager to go as he sped me towards the place.

We finally got there early (although it was slotted to start at 6pm) at around 7:05pm since the doors were not open.

I went to collect my tickets and waited for the doors to open.
Since there was a registration counter to receive a free drink, I went and helped myself.

After a helpful staff organizer helped me to obtain my drink voucher when the promoter denied me of it, (thanks for clearing it for me!) I went on my merry way to get a good spot.

Before entering, there was this mixing set for you to try that caught my attention.

The main panel was hogged at that moment so I just settled to gawk at the lesser panel. XD

There were sheets of instructions telling what's what too.

After getting my drink, I headed on down to plonk myself for the rest of the night. (Hence, the need of a good spot. XD)

The place was pretty empty since it's still very early.

The opening DJ was the winner of DJ competition held by Heineken, Phil K. Lee.

I happily sat at the alcohol zone and watched from a distance.
Pretty soon, Ian Ross came on.

Still pretty empty.

I love Ian Ross, though. I like his dreamy like trance music. I first heard him spin live at the MC Asia "The Creation" Appreciation Party way back in January this year. Good times.

After Ross, DJ Blink and Goldfish bring Zouk's normal club night, Loud, to Thirst!

Now the party is hyping up.

While the duo did their thang, a fashion show by Chic Yamada was ongoing at the front.

Then, it's time for the international DJs!!!
Chuckie was up first.

It was the peak attendance for the night when he's on.

The zone I'm in where alcohol is permitted. XD

Sander Van Doorn made an appearance next. I feel he has the longest time at the sets among all the DJs.

A closer look...

Look at the amount of beer on my table by then. XD

Green all the way, haha.
Then the main highlight came on....

Richard Durand!!!

I've seen him play live once before. Also at the MC Asia "The Creation" Appreciation Party.

Unfortunately, he was ended prematurely. The authorities put a stop to the party just as he's about to get warmed up.

Despite the disappointment for an early end on the main highlight, it was the best party I've attended this year.

Thanks Heineken for the invitation and for throwing a great party. :)