Monday, December 13, 2010

Food Gathering at Jaya One

It was a beautiful Saturday late morning. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot for an outing. The slight breeze that blows along a comfortable setting was quite ideal in motivating me to move on an otherwise lazy day.
So I went for the food excursion in Jaya One with the Glitterati Plus Nuffnangers on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at around lunch hour. There were four restaurants that we went to, of which, 2 of the restaurants were to sample their desserts.

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

The first restaurant that we went to for their main course dishes was Kinnaree Thai Restaurant.

When I arrive at the place, some early birds there were served lemongrass drink while waiting for others to come. Once we had most arrived, they started serving the dishes.
For starters this is what we had:

It's Spicy Pamelo Salad. It has minced chicken, prawns, chili paste and coconut flakes in it served on a cut pomelo shell.
Another starter salad we were served was:

This dish is called the Crispy Papaya Salad (Som Tum Thod). It really is deep-fried spicy papaya.
Next came the famous Thai soup, Tom Yam Kung soup.

If I'm not mistaken, we're given the seafood version of it. Comes with fresh river prawns and abalone mushrooms in it. There's also a clear version of this soup. This tom yam soup is not as spicy as the one you eat at your local Malay restaurant. The mixture of spicy and sour taste is just right for me.

Then, to go along with our Thai fragrant rice, the ensemble of delicacies arrived, placed neatly on our tables.

The picture above shows the deep-fried Garoupa boneless fish with the Chef's Special sweet, sour and spicy Tamarind Sauce. In Thai, it's called the Pla Sam Rod.

Here we have just the normal kangkung or called Thai-styled Morning Glory.
Here's another fish which we had:

It's steamed fish with lime. Also a boneless fish served with spicy lime sauce. The fish used for this is the seabass fish.
Another meat that's presented to us:

It's duck meat. Think this is the Grilled Duck in Tamarind Sauce. I'm a sucker for duck so this is my favorite dish. :D

This dish above is called the Hot Sea. It's stir-fried assorted seafood with chili, basil leaves and young peppercorn to ignite the spiciness of the dish.
And one last meat dish that we had:

Green Curry Chicken. It's grilled chicken with green curry in coconut milk.
Notice the exquisite crockery and cutlery.

It looks elegant.

Kinnaree is part of the Thai Inspired Group which the Amaree Thai Hotpot restaurant in Subang is also a part of.

BBQ Chicken

Once we're done with Kinnaree Thai Restaurant, we were almost full to the brim. Yet, we headed on next door to this place:

BBQ Chicken. This is a franchise from the No. 1 chicken restaurant in Korea.
Portions given to us to sample were considerably smaller due to us being well fed by the previous restaurant we visited.

The item above is called Kochi. It's skewers of grilled chicken with BBQ sauce and homemade herbs. Looks like fat satay, but definitely does not taste like satay. XD

Col-Pop Chicken (the item on the left) is a really unique item which I think can make tons of money should it be sold at cinema outlets. It's bite-sized chicken meat (like KFC's popcorn chicken) which is on top of the cup of a carbonated drink with 2 straws poking out on each side for the carbonated drink to be shared! This is simply an ingenious design.

The item on the right (referring to the picture above) is called the Jerk BBQ.
It's whole chicken leg cooked over charcoal fire with Korean style barbecue sauce, a bestseller of the restaurant.

Another 2 dishes:

The main focus on the picture above with the combination of fried rice and coleslaw on the plate is called the Olive Luxury Chicken. This chicken is fried using 100% olive oil that's imported from Spain.
The one further with four pieces of meat on a small dish are Teri-Q Wings. Somehow in the picture, it seemed dark when the color of the chicken is actually the same as the Olive Luxury Chicken. :/
The Teri-Q Wings are marinated with Teriyaki Soybean sauce and Garlic coated with glutinous rice powder.

Other items that were served to us includes the Grilled Lamb with mushroom olive sauce, the Korean Charbroiled Salad, Charbroiled Chicken Tortilla and this spicy dish:

called the Hot Hot Drum. Hot red pepper grain and paste spread over the fried chicken. Usually served 2 pieces with side dishes of fried rice/ french fries/ mashed potato + coleslaw.

And this:

is BBQ Chicken's signature dessert. Called the Pat Bing Soo. A combination of Vanilla ice cream, red beans, fruit cocktail, nata de coco, Korean rice cake, strawberry and chocolate sauce on crushed ice with two chocolate wafer sticks (I believe it's called Love Letters) stabbed in.

After we're done with the main courses, we head on down to our next destination for desserts.

Frontera - Sol of Mexico

The last time I was here, I was at the Nuffnang Tiger Run event where over here, we need to eat a piece of their buffalo wings as fast as we can then move on to the next checkpoint. After the race, I went back to grab some more of those delicious buffalo wings (some of them are rather spicy) which they're famous for.

This time around, it was to try the desserts out that Frontera had laid out to us.

These look like some alcohol shots but it's really just fruits in juice. It's called Watermelon & Honeydew Agua Fresca. Easy to see which is the watermelon and the honeydew.

At the bottom of the shot glass, you'll see a concentrated liquid in brownish color. That is actually the agave nectar. It's very sweet. Avoid drinking all the way to the bottom if you're unable to take too sweet.

Next up, we were serve a slice of 3 different desserts.

From left to right, it's Chipotle Chocolate Brownies, Pina Colada Sombrero and Strawberry Quatro Leches.
The chocolate brownie has an odd spicy taste added to the sweetness of it.

Off towards trying ice cream at this place next:

The Bee

Ee Vee of "The Last Polka" ice cream has really authentic and unique flavors to offer at The Bee.

The flavors I tried:
1) Nutella
The same as the chocolate bread spread you find in supermarkets. This is with hazelnuts in it.
2) Teh Tarik
This is authentically Malaysian flavor. It just taste tea-ish.
3) Horlicks
Taste exactly like it, that's why I love this taste. :P
4) Malt and Peanut Butter
Taste exactly like peanut butter. I love peanut butter more on a bread, though.
5) Chocolate 5 Spices.
It has a rather unique taste. Hard to describe. Specially made for the holiday season of Christmas.
And the highlight flavor I was dying to try:

6) Guinness
They put it in a coffee shot cup instead of the usual sample cup for me to savor. XD
It tastes like a weaker kind of Guinness.

These ice creams are made of 100% natural ingredients. Other flavors that are available but I didn't try are:
1) French Toast
Cinnamon, eggs, bread and syrup. I can't imagine how this taste in an ice cream.
2) Green Tea
This of course is nothing new as you can find it at Japanese restaurants too.
3) White Coffee
4) Black Sesame
Erm, not sure how this taste like too. Doesn't black sesame has a bit of bitter taste? O_o

So if you wanna try these unusual flavors, you now know where to get. -_o

Ee Vee mentioned that the burgers there are delicious too. I might wanna give it a try one day.


Ken Wooi said...

i know jaya one has like lots of fodo outlets there.. even though i park there everyday, i never ate there before :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I mostly go to Royal Oak or Brussels to drink beer there.

For food, I seldom venture there. Only place I've eaten before at Jaya One prior to this is Wendy's and once at Frontera.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.