Monday, November 08, 2010

Vote For Dilly for Shout! Awards

Do you have someone in mind to vote for Shout! Awards?
If not, why not vote for Dilly.

I totally think she deserve an award.

This year, she's nominated in the category Favorite Radio Show Awards along with JD for Red FM's Breakfast show.

Why I totally think she deserves to win:
1) She cheers me up during her time with Red FM's The Breakfast Show.
Since I don't drive to work anymore ever since I changed my job about 3 years ago, I seldom listen to any radio's morning show. But during the times I do listen to radio's morning show, I'll find myself automatically tuned in to Red FM's The Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly. Somehow, the names just stuck to my mind for the morning show and if you ask me to name the other radio DJs on other stations, I just couldn't name them.
Why this is so is because her voice doesn't irritate me and I feel that it makes an impression with me more than other morning shows' radio DJs which is why I always tune in back to them.

2) She's the underdog
Yeah, I do believe this is a valid point for her to win. :P
Other radio DJs looks to me like they have established their name in the radio industry as oppose to Dilly and this gives others the advantage over her.

3) No advertising whatsoever to vote for her like how the other DJs get.
This is actually the reason I'm writing this post to begin with. XD
All the rest has advertisements for them from their respective radio station to broadcast to vote for them but not JD nor Dilly. Why? Because they're no longer doing The Breakfast Show for Red FM anymore. Seriously? Yes, in fact they're no longer with Red FM anymore but fret not,
for you're gonna hear them again soon. But from what I heard, it's gonna be at Mix FM. :D
So I'm gonna be the advertising platform for them although not a very big and influential one like radios and their respective websites. XD

4) This is most probably the only time you'll ever get to vote for her in Red FM's The Breakfast Show.
Yup, it's the one and only time. After this, starting from next year, there's no more Red FM's The Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly nominated in this category anymore.

So now that I've told you what my reasons are to vote for her, how DO you vote for her?
There are 2 ways:
through online or through SMS.
Through SMS, just type in SHOUT N3 and send to 33399.

Through Online:
First go to

Then click on voting on the top menu bar. (click pictures to get a larger view)

After that, click on the radio category at the bottom left of the page.

Then click on Favorite Radio Show Award on the left list.

You'll see the Red FM Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly listed. Click on the Vote Online.

You'll get 15 votes per day for the radio category to vote.

It's my strong sentiment that she deserves to win an award for this and I hope you do too. I may not be able to make her the winner, but I want to try my best. :)

Voting ends November 20, 2010, the day of the Awards.


ahsiang said...

do we need to register first to vote?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Nope. Just follow as per the instruction, there is NO NEED to register to vote. :)

Rachael Yap said...

Thanks Kelvin for the info on how to vote for Dilly. She got my vote now.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Thanks for your support Rachael. :)