Monday, November 22, 2010

Magnum4D Events: Movie Night

Being the generous guys they are to share their wealth, Magnum4D is back again with another movie night, due to popular demand.

This time, the movie they're gonna sponsor would be Tron 3D.

By this time you're reading this, ALL of the free passes would've already been snapped up! It was gone just within a few hours. Yes, it was that anticipated by everyone.

And due to their further generosity, they're looking forward to hearing ideas on what else they can organize so that you and I can have loads of fun.

Aside from throwing astounding parties such as their recent sponsorship of FlyFM 5th Flyniversary

and organizing equally great movie nights such as their first movie night, The Other Guys and their upcoming movie night, Tron Legacy 3D,
also aside the fact of doing charity which they've already thought up of doing (which is cool to help out the community)

here are some suggestions from me that I believe that they can organized for our enjoyment. :D

Everybody loves a great concert especially international artists. I'm waiting for a chance to catch Daughtry in action for a very long time.

I remembered being at the 1st Arthur's Day event where I get to see the Black Eyed Peas live. It was one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to. My friend who tagged along was equally impressed and was very happy.

But that doesn't mean local artists aren't as good. Oh no. There are some great local acts that I've seen that could rock the stage.


Malaysia is a food heaven. A lot of tourists who have been to Malaysia knows this as a fact. A lot of Malaysians who went overseas knows this for a fact. It's amazing how accessible it is to obtain food at any time of the day or night with the many 24 hours restaurants around.

Therefore, one of the great pleasures yet in all it's simplicity is to indulge in a nice satisfying dinner amongst great company. :)

For those with an active lifestyle and love to play sports, they'll surely love to get down and sweaty with their fave pastime. Be it soccer, futsal, tennis, badminton or basketball.

In fact, it doesn't have to be a sport at all. It could be a sport-like activity like paintball or some water activity on a hot day.

I'm not a very active person since I'm not that young anymore, haha, but I don't mind playing some rounds of bowling or shooting some pool.


just going to some sports event to watch like the Malaysian Open or the basketball games.

One of the joys in life to me is being able to visit another country and immerse myself in the culture and the beauty of the country.
So far, the place I love the most is Japan.

But of course, there are equally nice places locally to enjoy ourselves too. Such as Genting Highlands and Desaru Beach and so forth.

Of course there are many, many things that could be done but these are my main ideas that I could think of. :)