Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanger Issue 3 Launch Party

Here's what went down last night at Hex Sensory Room for the Hanger Issue 3, Autumn/Winter Launch Party.

Arrive in style on the cover of a magazine. XD

My plus 1 for the night, Sharon...

Two types of drinks being offered, Vodka Cranberry (VKNY) and Vodka Tonic (which they name it Long Live McQueen for the night).

Didn't bother to go for Vodka Tonic. Just stuck to Vodka Cranberry. It'll be a whole lot better if it weren't drowned in ice water. The taste ain't that great what's more in ice water.

Nice to see, but not nice to taste.

The cupcakes that were set up all around for people to savor. I find the cream a bit too appalling.

Hangers on, well, hangers!

Best dressed male and female gets to win flight tickets to Tokyo courtesy of Air Asia X.

Best dressed male.

And best dressed female.

Fashionista's world is queer to me. Guys look like girls and girls look like guys. LOL.

Well, that's all the pictures I have to share. :)


Merryn said...

woot! Sumone's on the 'cover' of a magazine :P