Sunday, November 14, 2010

DiGi Pimp My Music Party

It was a Thursday night, on the 11 of November, 2010.
The rain was drizzling and the KL streets were jam packed with cars.

I headed on over to Velvet, Zouk KL for the event DiGi Pimp My Music party as an invited guest.
Halfway there, I realized that I forgot to bring my camera so pardon the awful pictures since I only had my phone camera to go on.

When I arrived around close to 8pm, it was just in time for the start of the event.

There was a certain Robb Chew dressed as Adam Lambert to host the event and pretty soon, they commence with a game that requires you to interact with fellow dressed up bloggers in the room in order for you to get to know who they really are and what they're dressed up to be.

Later on, Robb who introduced himself as Adam Robert, called upon a celebrity name and the one who's dressed up as that celebrity will need to appear on stage.

He will then, call upon another celebrity name in which the first person that was called need to identify the person. Of course, prizes were given. :)

Here's on the left Serge as Jason Mraz and right Jessica as Lady Gaga.

For the next game that was done after an introduction of DiGi music unlimited downloads available for RM5, they ask bloggers to come up on stage to dance!

After a certain while, they'll pause the song where the dancing bloggers will need to freeze frame and the one that has the best pose will win a prize while the rest will get some consolation prize.

There's an iPhone 3GS up for grabs too for the best dressed blogger. The finalists were these four:

From left to right: Elvis, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga in black. haha
Guess who won? Lady Gaga in black. Due to her sexy dance performance. :P

A group photo in the end. :)


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