Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanger Issue 3 Launch Party

Here's what went down last night at Hex Sensory Room for the Hanger Issue 3, Autumn/Winter Launch Party.

Arrive in style on the cover of a magazine. XD

My plus 1 for the night, Sharon...

Two types of drinks being offered, Vodka Cranberry (VKNY) and Vodka Tonic (which they name it Long Live McQueen for the night).

Didn't bother to go for Vodka Tonic. Just stuck to Vodka Cranberry. It'll be a whole lot better if it weren't drowned in ice water. The taste ain't that great what's more in ice water.

Nice to see, but not nice to taste.

The cupcakes that were set up all around for people to savor. I find the cream a bit too appalling.

Hangers on, well, hangers!

Best dressed male and female gets to win flight tickets to Tokyo courtesy of Air Asia X.

Best dressed male.

And best dressed female.

Fashionista's world is queer to me. Guys look like girls and girls look like guys. LOL.

Well, that's all the pictures I have to share. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Magnum4D Events: Movie Night

Being the generous guys they are to share their wealth, Magnum4D is back again with another movie night, due to popular demand.

This time, the movie they're gonna sponsor would be Tron 3D.

By this time you're reading this, ALL of the free passes would've already been snapped up! It was gone just within a few hours. Yes, it was that anticipated by everyone.

And due to their further generosity, they're looking forward to hearing ideas on what else they can organize so that you and I can have loads of fun.

Aside from throwing astounding parties such as their recent sponsorship of FlyFM 5th Flyniversary

and organizing equally great movie nights such as their first movie night, The Other Guys and their upcoming movie night, Tron Legacy 3D,
also aside the fact of doing charity which they've already thought up of doing (which is cool to help out the community)

here are some suggestions from me that I believe that they can organized for our enjoyment. :D

Everybody loves a great concert especially international artists. I'm waiting for a chance to catch Daughtry in action for a very long time.

I remembered being at the 1st Arthur's Day event where I get to see the Black Eyed Peas live. It was one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to. My friend who tagged along was equally impressed and was very happy.

But that doesn't mean local artists aren't as good. Oh no. There are some great local acts that I've seen that could rock the stage.


Malaysia is a food heaven. A lot of tourists who have been to Malaysia knows this as a fact. A lot of Malaysians who went overseas knows this for a fact. It's amazing how accessible it is to obtain food at any time of the day or night with the many 24 hours restaurants around.

Therefore, one of the great pleasures yet in all it's simplicity is to indulge in a nice satisfying dinner amongst great company. :)

For those with an active lifestyle and love to play sports, they'll surely love to get down and sweaty with their fave pastime. Be it soccer, futsal, tennis, badminton or basketball.

In fact, it doesn't have to be a sport at all. It could be a sport-like activity like paintball or some water activity on a hot day.

I'm not a very active person since I'm not that young anymore, haha, but I don't mind playing some rounds of bowling or shooting some pool.


just going to some sports event to watch like the Malaysian Open or the basketball games.

One of the joys in life to me is being able to visit another country and immerse myself in the culture and the beauty of the country.
So far, the place I love the most is Japan.

But of course, there are equally nice places locally to enjoy ourselves too. Such as Genting Highlands and Desaru Beach and so forth.

Of course there are many, many things that could be done but these are my main ideas that I could think of. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes with Peter Pan: The Musical

Thanks to AMBP, Star Publications, I was able to go to Sunway Lagoon to have a little behind-the-scenes look at the Peter Pan: The Musical that's upcoming.
First time I hang out with mommy bloggers instead. hahaha.
Namely Merryn, Molly, and Karen. :)

My press kit and tag. :P

After a short ride on the train from the entrance, we had a short walk towards the Amphitheatre. (I was on the buggy though, since the train was full. XD)
It was mentioned that there'll be trains decorated to the Peter Pan theme to bring audience to Neverland which is the Amphitheatre.

The amphitheatre is pretty impressive and would be comfortable enough to enjoy the spectacular performance.

When we settled down to our seats, we were given an introduction and briefing on Peter Pan: The Musical.

Highlights that I find interesting:
  1. One of the lead performer who plays Wendy, just married not to long ago on October 10, 2010 and yet, because of her love for performing arts, she still made the effort to fly all the way here to perform her role.
  2. Why they chose Peter Pan is because it has a wide audience. Also, December being the Christmas season, Peter Pan is great to set the mood.
  3. In future, there may be more musicals to come to be held at Sunway Lagoon perhaps Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella or Sinbad. What would you personally like?
  4. Malaysians (or should I say Asians) in general are not very expressive with their feelings. So people, when you see this musical and are moved with it, enjoy yourselves, laugh, clap, join in cheering and have fun!
  5. Unlike movies and films, this being a live performance, somehow you'll enjoy more because it has a realistic feel to it. You'll see the show with it's flaws and as it is without any cuts.
  6. The dedication of the performers are amazing because when they were asked to quickly change their clothes so as not to catch a cold, they said, "We don't do sick". So rest assured, unless they're bed-ridden, you'll know that they'll sure be up on stage!
This is David Kort, the choreographer, also doing many other things. haha

Once the briefing was done, it's onwards to a sneak peek!

That's Peter Pan and Wendy and the bottom pic is Captain Hook and Smee.

A solo Smee performance that I caught.

Then, a photo session with the principal casts of Peter Pan: The Musical. :D
They're from the London West End Production.

Another shot of the 4 main casts.

I went in for a photo shot with them.

A close inspection of the props.

These are fiber optic lights. Even though it's daytime, yet these lights can be brightly seen.

Took a shot with Peter Pan and Wendy. I look goofy here though. Urgh.

Unfortunately, the hired dancers were having their day off and we didn't get to see them as oppose to the media conference that was conducted the day before.
There's South American, Filipinos, Brazilian dancers in the mix.

After that, we headed on down to this place for some chewing and munching. Yum!

A loooong combination of tables waiting for our group. :)

Started off with some juice and fries.

And some chicken poppers.

Then came tom yam soup as part of the starters.

On to main course of fried kuey teow.

Fried noodles.

And fried rice (which I only took one or two bites because I'm stuff and I couldn't eat rice anymore. :P)

And lastly, some sausages.

I'm so stuffed that I skipped my dinner for that day too!

I can't wait to watch the premiere of the musical with the snow and the flying casts and all.
Even with the sneak peek with all it's incomplete props and settings it's already blowing me away with the performance. I'll bet it'll be greater when everything's complete.

The 1st night of the performance will be on the 26th of November 2010 and it'll play all the way till the last performance on January 2nd, 2011 (except for Tuesdays).

For a list of the pricing and showtimes have a look at the poster below (click to enlarge).

Public Bank cardholders get 40% off ticket prices.
Also, from what I've heard, when you purchase a pair of Crocs at Sunway Pyramid branch, you'll get a ticket to Peter Pan: The Musical for RM1 and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ticket for RM25!
This is for the 5:30pm, 19 December 2010 show. Only limited to 100 tickets.

And since 'tis the season to be jolly, Christmas season, in the true spirit of giving, Sunway Lagoon has decided to give away up to 400 seats per show to the underprivileged as charity. So any of the local homes and associations of the underprivileged, do contact Vanessa Tan / Nikki Goh at +603 7710 3288 to find out more on how to gain access to this one of a kind experience.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congratulations Proton! - A Story of Hope, Inspiration and Glory

If you haven't already heard about it, PROTON not only emerged champion in the APRC (Asia Pacific Rally Championship) China Rally, but bagged the 1st runner-up as well!

With a one-two finish at the last round of the APRC, PROTON has catapulted to take 2nd place in the Manufacturer's Championship after a 5-year long break from the rally arena. This place PROTON behind Mitsubishi but ahead of Subaru.

The Champs.

The drivers who drove PROTON to victory are Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson.
As an added bonus, Alister McRae is ranked 3rd in the overall APRC Driver's Championship.

The PROTON team started with the season's rally of Malaysia on the 23rd of April this year, then went on to Japan, New Zealand and Australia. They were looking to gain more points in Indonesia but unfortunately it was canceled by the FIA due to bad weather conditions. Finally, they ended with a high note at the China rally.

2nd place winners.

Despite encountering a lot of setbacks prior to the China rally whereby their best result were scoring 2nd place in New Zealand but with sheer determination and an unbreakable fighting spirit, the drivers with their Satria Neo S2000 went against all odds and look where it got them.

This surely makes PROTON a player to look out for (again) in the rally scene and drives it to become a globally known brand as well as making Malaysia a deeper impact on an international scale.
Previous times PROTON has won the APRC title for 3 seasons in 2001, 2002 and 2004. In 2002, PROTON also won the FIA Production Car World Rally Championship on its debut.

All I can say is kudos to PROTON and keep up the good work!
This surely paves the way for greater things to come.

(Pictures courtesy of PROTON SATRIA NEO SUPER 2000 Facebook Page)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unstoppable (2010) Movie Review

At exactly one week ago, on Tuesday November 9, 2010, The good folks of Cari invited me to the preview screening of the movie "Unstoppable".

The storyline of the movie is a very simple one which can be easily summed up in one sentence. It's about a runaway train.
Yes. That's just what's it about. LOL.
The movie stars Denzel Washington who plays Frank Barnes, a veteran railroad engineer who was forced into early retirement and on his last few weeks of employment is put together with Will Colson, a fresh recruit on his first day of work.

The both of them started off with the wrong foot due to Colson being the conductor and Frank being the more experience one, always question Colson's decision and incompetence.

Meanwhile, at the train yard, one of the employees who while in the midst of removing a freight train away from one of the railroad tracks, ignored safety procedures and to his misfortune has allowed the freight train to get away from him unattended. Being a train of enormous size carrying huge amount of hazardous material and traveling at high speed, the train seemed unstoppable.

That was when Frank and Will got to know about it and devised a plan to stop the train.....

No doubt the plotline was a very simple one and seemed unattractive but to my surprise this turned out to be a really good movie to watch.
Probably because it's more closer to reality then all most movies you see and the technical jargons didn't deter me at all.

I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Skyline (2010) Movie Review

Went to watch Skyline at E@Curve on the Wednesday that just went by, 10 November 2010.

The movie relates about a paranormal activity happening in LA where a mother alien ship hovers around the sky and drops beams of lights which turns out to be mechanical aliens abducting humans.

Elaine (played by Scottie Thompson) and Jarrod (played by Eric Balfour) had just flown to LA to visit Terry (Donald Faison) for his birthday. Little did they know, Terry's plan was to rope Jarrod in to help him out in his career. Having a wild and topsy turvy night, all of them turned in before the alien incident happen.

Curious about the happening, they first investigated on what's it about. When they found out of the horrifying truth, they tried to escape from the city. Failing to do so, Jarrod and Elaine were quarantined in in hopes that a savior will appear soon.....

The movie was somewhat ok for me lah. Not sure about you because a lot of people didn't quite enjoy the show. The only gripe I have with the movie is the ending. They should've left it at Jarrod and Elaine being abducted instead of continuing on.

I rate this 3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DiGi Pimp My Music Party

It was a Thursday night, on the 11 of November, 2010.
The rain was drizzling and the KL streets were jam packed with cars.

I headed on over to Velvet, Zouk KL for the event DiGi Pimp My Music party as an invited guest.
Halfway there, I realized that I forgot to bring my camera so pardon the awful pictures since I only had my phone camera to go on.

When I arrived around close to 8pm, it was just in time for the start of the event.

There was a certain Robb Chew dressed as Adam Lambert to host the event and pretty soon, they commence with a game that requires you to interact with fellow dressed up bloggers in the room in order for you to get to know who they really are and what they're dressed up to be.

Later on, Robb who introduced himself as Adam Robert, called upon a celebrity name and the one who's dressed up as that celebrity will need to appear on stage.

He will then, call upon another celebrity name in which the first person that was called need to identify the person. Of course, prizes were given. :)

Here's on the left Serge as Jason Mraz and right Jessica as Lady Gaga.

For the next game that was done after an introduction of DiGi music unlimited downloads available for RM5, they ask bloggers to come up on stage to dance!

After a certain while, they'll pause the song where the dancing bloggers will need to freeze frame and the one that has the best pose will win a prize while the rest will get some consolation prize.

There's an iPhone 3GS up for grabs too for the best dressed blogger. The finalists were these four:

From left to right: Elvis, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga in black. haha
Guess who won? Lady Gaga in black. Due to her sexy dance performance. :P

A group photo in the end. :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Vote For Dilly for Shout! Awards

Do you have someone in mind to vote for Shout! Awards?
If not, why not vote for Dilly.

I totally think she deserve an award.

This year, she's nominated in the category Favorite Radio Show Awards along with JD for Red FM's Breakfast show.

Why I totally think she deserves to win:
1) She cheers me up during her time with Red FM's The Breakfast Show.
Since I don't drive to work anymore ever since I changed my job about 3 years ago, I seldom listen to any radio's morning show. But during the times I do listen to radio's morning show, I'll find myself automatically tuned in to Red FM's The Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly. Somehow, the names just stuck to my mind for the morning show and if you ask me to name the other radio DJs on other stations, I just couldn't name them.
Why this is so is because her voice doesn't irritate me and I feel that it makes an impression with me more than other morning shows' radio DJs which is why I always tune in back to them.

2) She's the underdog
Yeah, I do believe this is a valid point for her to win. :P
Other radio DJs looks to me like they have established their name in the radio industry as oppose to Dilly and this gives others the advantage over her.

3) No advertising whatsoever to vote for her like how the other DJs get.
This is actually the reason I'm writing this post to begin with. XD
All the rest has advertisements for them from their respective radio station to broadcast to vote for them but not JD nor Dilly. Why? Because they're no longer doing The Breakfast Show for Red FM anymore. Seriously? Yes, in fact they're no longer with Red FM anymore but fret not,
for you're gonna hear them again soon. But from what I heard, it's gonna be at Mix FM. :D
So I'm gonna be the advertising platform for them although not a very big and influential one like radios and their respective websites. XD

4) This is most probably the only time you'll ever get to vote for her in Red FM's The Breakfast Show.
Yup, it's the one and only time. After this, starting from next year, there's no more Red FM's The Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly nominated in this category anymore.

So now that I've told you what my reasons are to vote for her, how DO you vote for her?
There are 2 ways:
through online or through SMS.
Through SMS, just type in SHOUT N3 and send to 33399.

Through Online:
First go to

Then click on voting on the top menu bar. (click pictures to get a larger view)

After that, click on the radio category at the bottom left of the page.

Then click on Favorite Radio Show Award on the left list.

You'll see the Red FM Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly listed. Click on the Vote Online.

You'll get 15 votes per day for the radio category to vote.

It's my strong sentiment that she deserves to win an award for this and I hope you do too. I may not be able to make her the winner, but I want to try my best. :)

Voting ends November 20, 2010, the day of the Awards.