Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's October 23rd, 2010 yesterday and the folks of Twitter and Foursquare made a Tweet Up so that a super swarm badge can be achieved.
Tweet Up - A planned meet up in person by people who met on Twitter.
Super swarm badge - In Foursquare application, there are badges awarded to people who do certain things in Foursquare. A super swarm badge would be awarded when there are 250 people check-in to a certain location at a certain time.

The venue chosen for this to happen was the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (short for TTDI) Community Center

In addition to getting the Super Swarm badge on Foursquare, it's also to promote friendship and unity that is created via Twitter.

There I met Crystal in person for the first time. I've been friends with her on Twitter for about a year back if I'm recall correctly and have never met her in person before. Finally, yesterday was the day it happened!

Anyway, the event started around 4pm and will end at 12am.

There were four areas at the place, the Stage area, the Games area where there are playstation 3s setup for people to play, there's the board and card games area where board games and card games scattered around the center for people to play and finally, the group games area (never saw this area).

I arrived around close to 6pm, which was after Prema Yin's performance. Went to make my mark at the signature wall.

At the front there are reception counters where you register yourself to stand a chance to win something for the lucky draw.

At the Playstation 3 area, there's Rock Band and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 competition ongoing.

There were also some booth set up like Eric Soong's blackberry housing customization

Some stalls set up with food and drinks for you to buy when you're hungry

and as mentioned earlier, board games galore for people to play.

There's even a twister mat to play. haha

And here's April Yim playing Happy Family.

There's a section dedicated to P.Ramlee.

I got my free CD and left. LOL. I chose Paramore. Don't think there's anybody who went to claim their free CD at all. hahaha

All in all, a wholesome family type of setting gathering.
They did it on the same day of Hennessy Artistry happening at Mines convention center, though. Didn't go there cause it's a bit too far for me.
But heard it was awesome. Course it would be. It's such a big place. Just like how they held it at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena which was fabulous.


Caroline said...

so nice lar! so much fun! too bad no such event at here. :(

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

haha, it's more of a family event. And if you're interested in board games.

Many chose to go for Hennessy Artistry party instead.