Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hall-O-Ween + Euphoria - Ministry of Sound 2nd Anniversary

So where were you yesterday night?
Any Halloween party that you went?

I went to Euphoria, Ministry of Sound at Sunway.

I find these 2 really went all out to dress up. Their "eyes" lights up.
The decoration at MOS:

Me with ZhengNorahs:

And the rest of the gang.

Just some photos to share. That's all. :)


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Happy belated *hello-win* Halloween..~;). Oh horns growing up eh..haha..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Haha, the night I turned into a devil. :P

Anne said...

that big knife look scary .. (^^o)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. Don't worry, it's not real, :P

ZhengNorahs said...

I am Sharon....not Sarah! :)

Ministry of Sound - Euphoria said...

Thanks for dropping by Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA during Halloween. Hope you had a great night. For more info about the latest events & happenings at our club, check out our FB Page:

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

O_o *speechless*
I put as ZhengNorahs lah.

@Ministry of Sound - Euphoria
Thanks for inviting me.
I did have fun and look forward to more events. ^.^