Thursday, September 30, 2010

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) Movie Review

On Tuesday, I invited my friend to join me for the special screening of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame movie.

This is a movie in Cantonese and to me, when Chinese movies are good, they're really good while when they're bad, they're downright awful.

Andy Lau played the lead character of the show, Di Renjie or Detective Dee.
In history, Di Renjie is the most celebrated officials of the Tang Dynasty.

The movie starts off with the reign of the Tang Dynasty Empress, Wu Zetian, played by Carina Lau. For her, a very gigantic statue was erected and build where from the eyes of the statue, you will get to see the kingdom from afar. In charge of seeing the erection and building of the statue to completion is Tony Leung's character, which was Di Renjie's former colleague. He lost his hand when he and Di Renjie opposed the Empress to come into power. Di Renjie was sentenced to 8 years of exile for opposing the Empress.

During one of the officials taking an important ruler from another country to tour around the statue, he was mysteriously set aflame when he was at the highest level of the statue. Another official, after inspecting the mysterious incident with his men, while riding back towards the palace was also mysteriously set aflame.

It was then, Di Renjie was summoned back from exile to the palace to assist in investigating this mysterious happenings. And that's where his investigation leads to a deeper and bigger plot of not only of the Empress, but someone else who's trying to kill the Empress on the day of her inauguration.

I find this movie quite an intriguing and entertaining watch despite the oddness feel to it due to the element of high science and effects in a supposed ancient setting. It's a nice watch not because of it's action (which by the way was choreographed by Sammo Hung) but rather the mystery element that was greatly played out in the show.

I love mystery shows that jogs the mind. Although this was an easy guess since there's many tell tale signs in the beginning, it draws my attention in wanting to know how it plots out.
I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

2 comments: said...

look like kung fu movie..?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

No, it's not a kung fu movie. It's a detective story. :)