Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boss Bottled Night Party

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Went for the private party at 8pm where the location was Zouk KL yesterday.

The event was an exclusive one (it felt like one to me).
The MC started off at 9pm

and there were drinks around. Thought there wasn't any free flow of liquor but there is. :P
They also gave out this small little bag when I registered myself at the entrance.

Inside that bag contains a Boss Bottled Night perfume and a RM50 discount voucher.

So then the first thing they did was show a presentation on what event has Hugo Boss done throughout the world.

And then, after the MC comes on again, she introduces another presentation. This time it's the Hugo Boss Bottled Night commercial.

All that before a speech by Procter & Gambles' country manager.

After her short speech there was a nice jazz performance done.

The singer with the cellist at the background.

The saxophonist with the keyboardist at the background.

My jazz appreciation was heighten when somewhere earlier this year (if I'm not mistaken), Heineken invited me to have a bucket of Heineken and enjoy a jazz performance at No Black Tie.

The performance was tremendous and I could stay for the whole night just listening to the soothing sounds of the jazz performance. Unfortunately, my friend wanted to go. *sigh*

So anyway, I taped the rendition of Blue Moon by these performers for my enjoyment.


Devella said...

Hope that you enjoy the night =D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Very much. Thanks for the invite. :D