Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BOSS Bottled Night Party

Just like any Saturday night, I like to get down and get jiggy with it. :D
This Saturday, September 25, 2010,Boss Fragrance Malaysia will be having a party. Yeah, partayyyy!!!

It is in line with the launching of the fragrance Bottled Night as seen above.

The party starts from 8pm till 10pm for those who has invitation to the party and from 10pm onwards, it'll be open to the public.

The place that's holding the party will be Zouk KL in addition to their normal Saturday club night, Loud.

So for those who love to hear DJ Blink and DJ Goldfish spin their thang, don't worry, they'll still be playing on that night as usual, just that we'll be having a bit of an extra!
How extra can it be?
For starters, you might get
- Exclusive BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT fragrance RM50 discount vouchers
- you'll get to sample and test the fragrance on that night.
and if you want a free Boss Bottled Night fragrance, be sure to dress your best in Black because the 8 best dressed men/women in black will get one each for free.

**Remember, Zouk's door policy and cover charge applies.**

Want to enter the club for free on that night?
Follow this instruction closely because Boss Fragrance Malaysia is giving out 10 invites to club for free this Saturday. (1 invite admits 2 person):
1) Like the Boss Bottled/Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page here:
2) Complete the slogan, "I want to party with BOSS Bottled Night because..." with Boss Bottled/Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page tag like the example below.

(in order to tag the page, type the symbol @ then followed by a boss then you'll see the page in your list below where you can select)

3) Then post the slogan on your wall and on the Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page's wall and you're done. :D
Then just wait and see whether you are the winner.

Hope to see you there this Saturday. :P


Caroline said...

wohooo!! too bad am not there! mwahaha but then even if am there, not sure goin or not. :p Have fun there guys! ;)

Unknown said...

LOL thanks for helping my friend in promoting it..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Wish you were here. :)

No problem. :)