Thursday, September 30, 2010

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) Movie Review

On Tuesday, I invited my friend to join me for the special screening of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame movie.

This is a movie in Cantonese and to me, when Chinese movies are good, they're really good while when they're bad, they're downright awful.

Andy Lau played the lead character of the show, Di Renjie or Detective Dee.
In history, Di Renjie is the most celebrated officials of the Tang Dynasty.

The movie starts off with the reign of the Tang Dynasty Empress, Wu Zetian, played by Carina Lau. For her, a very gigantic statue was erected and build where from the eyes of the statue, you will get to see the kingdom from afar. In charge of seeing the erection and building of the statue to completion is Tony Leung's character, which was Di Renjie's former colleague. He lost his hand when he and Di Renjie opposed the Empress to come into power. Di Renjie was sentenced to 8 years of exile for opposing the Empress.

During one of the officials taking an important ruler from another country to tour around the statue, he was mysteriously set aflame when he was at the highest level of the statue. Another official, after inspecting the mysterious incident with his men, while riding back towards the palace was also mysteriously set aflame.

It was then, Di Renjie was summoned back from exile to the palace to assist in investigating this mysterious happenings. And that's where his investigation leads to a deeper and bigger plot of not only of the Empress, but someone else who's trying to kill the Empress on the day of her inauguration.

I find this movie quite an intriguing and entertaining watch despite the oddness feel to it due to the element of high science and effects in a supposed ancient setting. It's a nice watch not because of it's action (which by the way was choreographed by Sammo Hung) but rather the mystery element that was greatly played out in the show.

I love mystery shows that jogs the mind. Although this was an easy guess since there's many tell tale signs in the beginning, it draws my attention in wanting to know how it plots out.
I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boss Bottled Night Party

I've been tagged!

Tagged by Boss Bottled Night!
Went for the private party at 8pm where the location was Zouk KL yesterday.

The event was an exclusive one (it felt like one to me).
The MC started off at 9pm

and there were drinks around. Thought there wasn't any free flow of liquor but there is. :P
They also gave out this small little bag when I registered myself at the entrance.

Inside that bag contains a Boss Bottled Night perfume and a RM50 discount voucher.

So then the first thing they did was show a presentation on what event has Hugo Boss done throughout the world.

And then, after the MC comes on again, she introduces another presentation. This time it's the Hugo Boss Bottled Night commercial.

All that before a speech by Procter & Gambles' country manager.

After her short speech there was a nice jazz performance done.

The singer with the cellist at the background.

The saxophonist with the keyboardist at the background.

My jazz appreciation was heighten when somewhere earlier this year (if I'm not mistaken), Heineken invited me to have a bucket of Heineken and enjoy a jazz performance at No Black Tie.

The performance was tremendous and I could stay for the whole night just listening to the soothing sounds of the jazz performance. Unfortunately, my friend wanted to go. *sigh*

So anyway, I taped the rendition of Blue Moon by these performers for my enjoyment.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

VIP Dinner

I received an email inviting to a VIP dinner.
I was quite thrilled when I saw those words.

And then I saw it was from the Facebook game, Cafe World. -.-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BOSS Bottled Night Party

Just like any Saturday night, I like to get down and get jiggy with it. :D
This Saturday, September 25, 2010,Boss Fragrance Malaysia will be having a party. Yeah, partayyyy!!!

It is in line with the launching of the fragrance Bottled Night as seen above.

The party starts from 8pm till 10pm for those who has invitation to the party and from 10pm onwards, it'll be open to the public.

The place that's holding the party will be Zouk KL in addition to their normal Saturday club night, Loud.

So for those who love to hear DJ Blink and DJ Goldfish spin their thang, don't worry, they'll still be playing on that night as usual, just that we'll be having a bit of an extra!
How extra can it be?
For starters, you might get
- Exclusive BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT fragrance RM50 discount vouchers
- you'll get to sample and test the fragrance on that night.
and if you want a free Boss Bottled Night fragrance, be sure to dress your best in Black because the 8 best dressed men/women in black will get one each for free.

**Remember, Zouk's door policy and cover charge applies.**

Want to enter the club for free on that night?
Follow this instruction closely because Boss Fragrance Malaysia is giving out 10 invites to club for free this Saturday. (1 invite admits 2 person):
1) Like the Boss Bottled/Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page here:
2) Complete the slogan, "I want to party with BOSS Bottled Night because..." with Boss Bottled/Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page tag like the example below.

(in order to tag the page, type the symbol @ then followed by a boss then you'll see the page in your list below where you can select)

3) Then post the slogan on your wall and on the Boss Bottled Night - Malaysia page's wall and you're done. :D
Then just wait and see whether you are the winner.

Hope to see you there this Saturday. :P

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates On Life - September 19, 2010

Okay, another boring update from me, LOL.
If you haven't notice already, I've gotten myself a domain. :D
That's easier for people to remember rather than finalkt3.
If my name wasn't that common and popular I would've gone for

Now that I've got a domain, I wanna change my blog header and name card. :)
That'll take me some time to do. LOL.

I just got back from Bali yesterday and boy, was I revitalized. :D

For the first time in god knows how long it's been, I actually woke up refreshed this morning. No morning grogginess or headache, but the kind you jump out of bed!

I'll post things on my Bali trip at a later date once I get all my pictures nicely. :)

I'm having second thoughts on quitting my job because I'm afraid that it'll take me a long time before I can secure another job. So I might not resign come November 15, 2010. We'll just have to wait and see when I have the guts to tender my resignation letter.

On a random note, saw Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" music video.
I'm not really a fan of KPop nor the Wonder Girls (although I went and watched their performance at the MTV World Stage 2010) because to me, those many Korean girl groups starting from Girls Generation merely imitated from Japanese groups. They act cute, look pretty and sing okay.
But of course, I do admit I like watching their music videos and their act cute ways, hahaha.

I feel that they imitated Morning Musume. Morning Musume is a group that I used to loved watching and was a fan. I first knew about them when one boring day, I made a random download and came across a "Mecha Mecha Iketeru!" (Japanese Variety Show) special featuring Morning Musume in it. It was about "Bakajou Kimatsu Tesuto" (Idiot Girl Test) .

A lot of foreigners outside of Japan know about Morning Musume through this show's special feature. A very very funny show indeed. :D
It made me find out more about Morning Musume and from then on, I was hooked to them.
Because their songs have a happy tune to it and they make it fun to watch even though their singing is only so-so. It kinda makes me smile.

Anyway, about the Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" music video, I watched it because something caught my attention. What is it?

It's actually the guy in the video who played the alien!
He looks familiar to me. Can anyone confirm for me whether that guy in the video is Bobby Lee?

I love watching his antics in MadTV. He's funny and very daring in playing his roles. He even dare to put sand and in his mouth. I wouldn't dare to do that, EVER!

And does anyone know where I can get MadTV to watch? I love that show! ;)
Okay, enough of my rambling for today. Wahaha.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Updates On Life

I'm thinking of getting a domain name for my blog making me more officially as a blogger. Just kidding. :D
Any suggestion on the name?

Ever since I started becoming active in blogging again about a year or two back, I slowly stopped updating about my life and more towards events since I started going to many events that I was invited to.

Since I'm not getting a lot of events nowadays and I'm quite free with the holidays in, I'm deciding to do a boring update about my life today. :D (I wonder if anybody reads about it anyway?)
As mentioned before when I started blogging, I start doing this for my own satisfaction anyway. :)

Aside from getting a new domain name for my blog, I'm thinking of revamping the blog header along with my current name card to reflect my new domain name. This all well excites me.

Next week would be another long holiday in conjunction with Malaysia Day (don't know the reason for this but any day that's a holiday is fine by me, haha) in addition to an already long holiday this week due to Hari Raya (Malay New Year). And I'm going on a trip to Bali!!!

I hope the place would be as nice as the picture depicted. It's my first time going there. :P
Got lots of reading to catch up on so that I'll know what to look out for there.
What do you think it's worth doing there? And I don't swim. LOL.

And another note about my life, November 15, 2010 (or earlier if possible). The day I will hand in my resignation letter. Why November 15? Because November 13, 2010 will end my bond with the company but that day is a Saturday. So November 15 it is!
I have had enough of this company. Although they pay me well and has tolerated with my antics (they don't dare to give me a warning letter due to the importance of my role in the company), they treat me like dirt and has mold me into a grumpy person. Not to mention, making me back to being my old quiet self again who's a loner. I don't feel like talking to anybody in the company and I just feel lots of anger within me. I never should have left my previous company for this one even though this pays me significantly higher.

So come November 15, I'm giving my resignation notice and by next year I'll be out the door saying sayonara! Whether I have a job or not, I'll still walk away. Any company who has a good environment wanna hire me? xD

Ok, I think I've rambled on long enough. Think I'll stop here for the moment and continue on the ramblings on another day. :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Being a guy, I usually get people asking me "Are you man enough?" But are you moist enough? XD
That's a first.

The question deliberates on the moisture of your skin and not, erm, some other place *roll eyes*.

If you scratch your skin and it leaves white marks on your skin, means your skin is not properly hydrated.

Hence, Vaseline has come up with a new range of body lotion to cater for the different skin care needs for the masses! Of course, being a guy, I don't give much thought about such thing but then again, it doesn't mean guys can't use it. hahaha

And that's my ugly mug right there. XD

Vaseline's new range of body lotions are as the following below:
TOTAL MOISTURE - Provides 10 X more skin moisture and protection for dry skins

HEALTHY WHITE - 3X sunscreen protection which provides skin moisture and as the name suggest, illuminates the radiance of your skin.

ALOE COOL AND FRESH - Gives a refreshing feel to keep you active while keeping your skin moist throughout the day.

and last but not least, INTENSIVE RESCUE

All are equipped to keep your skin moist throughout the day and to keep you active and cool.

So then, tell me, are YOU moist enough?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) Review

I was invited to the screening of the movie Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore which was on yesterday.

As you can see from the image above it was held at Mid Valley where the movie was screened at 9.30pm.

WARNING! This review may contain spoilers.

The story starts off with a feline whose thirst for revenge against the dogs and the humans were so strong that she plotted to build a satellite dish that broadcasts a sound that drives all dogs around the world to go mad and wild, turning against humans.

That un-furry feline is Kitty Galore (voiced by Bette Midler). Why she was so angered to exact revenge was because in the past, during a mission against dogs, Kitty was knocked over into a vat of hair removing gel causing her to be ridiculed and thrown out from her home.

Meanwhile, over in San Francisco, on overly-eager yet distrustful dog, Diggs (voiced by James Marsden), stepped over the line and was suspended as a police dog. So it was back to the kennels for him again.
But the dogs' secret organization decided to recruit Diggs and pretty soon, he finds himself in the world of espionage, doggy style!

While the dogs' secret organization and MEOWS, the cats' secret organization tries to track down Kitty Galore, they've decided to team up in order to go up against Kitty.

Join them as they attempt to foil Kitty's fiendish plan and save the world.

I love animals, especially cats and dogs though I don't have pets. And this storyline to me was so so. There were quite a number of hilarious scenes and jokes in the movie but other than that, it's your typical average fun-filled kids movie.
Oh. And I loved how Warner Bros. Production showed a short cartoon film on the Road Runner and Coyote before the show. Really brings out the kid in me watching it. :D

I would rate this film 3 stars out of 5.