Sunday, August 08, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Why vampire sucks?
In order to get blood so that they can survive. XD

But here are the top 10 reasons that I compiled on why vampire sucks.
1) Edward Cullen

With his I'm oh so 'leng chai' looks that makes the girls go gaga over him, he gives a vampire a really bad name. -.-

2) Long windedness
With the longevity of life they possess, they have all the time in the world and hence would always take their time to do things. Including boring you to death with their long winded stories of their life.

3) Twilight Trilogy

They totally changed the perception of vampires from fearing death by sunlight to turning glittery when they touch sunlight to being superhuman instead of turning into a bat to fly away.

4) Nocturnal Creatures
They only appear in the night and never at daytime which is bad for me because I'm kinda a nocturnal person myself. LOL.

5) Turns into a bat.
Of all the animals to turn into, they only get to turn into a bat? Well, at least it's better than turning into a cockroach. XD

6) Their Higher Than Thee Ways

They often think highly of themselves as a superior race and acts oh so mightily.

7) Their Fangs
They have incredibly huge fangs that makes you wonder how do they close their mouths with such sharp fangs in them? :/

8) Coffins as Bed
You'd have to wonder how they ever open a coffin from the inside. Best leave coffins for dead people, you.....undeads!

9) They Wear Capes
Why do they even need those capes anyway? If they're some sort of a superhero then I don't mind, but vampires? And what a color to choose, black.

10) Vampires Suck Movie

A reason for this movie to be produced.