Sunday, August 01, 2010

Clive 2nd Anniversary Party

Clive Magazine.....Clive Magazine's 2nd Anniversary Party.
It was a Thursday night on jammed-up roads of KL at the superclub called Zouk. The date was July 29, 2010. It was almost 8pm.
I made my way to the queue to meet up with my friends.

The doors began to open and entry were permitted at around 8.30pm.
The funny thing we saw was that the line on the other side were moving faster while our VIP lane trudges along slowly. When we got to the registration table, we saw why it was moving slow. There were a lot of people filling out their invitation slips to entitle an entry for the lucky draw. -.-

Unbeknown to us, we enter the club and were wondering where to head to. Finally figured out to head upstairs to get ourselves a table.

The event started off quite late, probably around 9pm.

Maya Karin was the host MC for the evening.
It kicked off with a little game for people to win some stuff.

Whoever can hula hoop the longest wins.
All appears to be almost the same time. LOL.

Then there were some dance performances that was done.
Later on, fashion show commences.

What proceeded after were some of Clive Magazine's cover girls.

Then there were some lucky draw going on and then the finalist challenge of a video game.

Sorry, most of my pics is not really bright. I was lazy to go downstairs to take pics. XD
In the end, the grand prize of the 3 days, 2 nights stay at Hard Rock Penang lucky draw.

It was a really short event because it had to make way for 4play at 10pm. Me and my friends stayed on and had a blast of a party. haha