Sunday, July 18, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

The Mission:
World Domination
Kelvin Tan aka finalkt3.
Somewhere in Malaysia

My name is finalkt3. I've been sent by Russia to accomplish a covert mission.
The mission, to restore former USSR to it's former glory through world domination!

How do I accomplish it?
I'll take one country at a time. I'll first gather intelligence from all countries around the world. Then we'll disarm all their nuclear weaponry when the time is right after we've rebuilt our powerful implosive device that uses sound waves to wipe out entire countries and nations. Along with that, we will have powerful tiny microscopic robots that devours and disintegrates any solid matters into dusts at our command.
The robot will look like a spider, only it's very tiny.

The mission is already in progress with the gathering of intelligence phase and I've already had assembled a highly skilled team to help me carry out the mission.
Team member #1:
Homer Simpson.

He may seem like an idiot and a buffoon but that's just his front. He's actually there to act stupid so nobody would suspect him gathering intelligence when he does.

Team member #2:
A hacker codenamed Cr@sH

To break into government servers may be a breeze but to hack into government secret service servers we'll need not just a good hacker, but an excellent hacker. Capable of penetrating the most resilient, secured servers. Cr@sH is not only good in his computer hacking skills, but an athletic and nimble killing machine as well. This makes him well equipped to overcome the challenge of hacking into servers that needs the person to be physically there.

Team member #3:
A mind controller named Orlofski.

He'll be a great asset to our team as he'll be able to hypnotize a person to spurting out valuable information within 10 seconds. An incredible feat which earns him the nickname of the mind controller.

Team member #4:
A female undercover spy agent

No team is complete without a female member to provide distraction and to get close to high ranking officials without much of a hassle. Then when they least expect it, BOOM! Right in the kisser.

Some of the tools I'm using for my mission:

Looks like an ordinary pen. But

It's actually a spy camera.

My cat horde minions which can transmit all recorded sights and sounds back to the base.

All this will ensure the victory of Mother Russia.
The project of building our destructive weaponry is already under way.
We're still on the lookout of the best opportunity to disarm all the world's weapons, so beware!


Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Nice one! :)

Unknown said...


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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Rolling Fumbling Thug
Thanks. :)