Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newman 7th Anniversary Party

It happened on the 15th of July, 2010 at a place called Eurostar.

At first I was wondering to myself, "Eurostar? I've never heard of it before".
When I got to that place, only then I knew about the place. It used to be Barcelona where I attended the Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash.

What is it I attended at Eurostar again?
The Newman 7th Anniversary Party.

It started with a rock band called Blister rocking the stage.

These guys are good! They did a couple of famous rock songs cover starting off with Metallica's Enter Sandman. Then they played Highway to Hell and also Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'.

The host and hostess for the evening are Adam C from and Cassandra.

This is actually my first time seeing Adam C. I didn't know he goes for the Fonzie look. No wonder his accent is that way. XD
They had a little prize giveaway to whoever gets up on stage first.

Next off, there was a fashion show on Camel Active.

Lighting conditions were terrible so some of the pics I took may look terrible. -.-
Feeq with his DSLR was also struggling to get good pics. haha.

At least there were to girl models.

There were in total six models.

And the final lineup of the models.

Then, after that, there's another giveaway session but this is an interesting one. 4 guys went up to accept the challenge by stating their heavy drinkers.

They played one of those bar games where each pick a card place it on their foreheads and place their bets on how confident they are that they have the highest card. The bets were the hard liquor drinks on the table and it ain't those mixtures.

There were Absolut Vodka, Chivas and Martell on the table.

The 1st loser, which was the guy above had to down 10 glasses. LOL.
The 2nd, downed 7 glasses, while the 3rd downed 3 glasses.
The winner was requested to down 1 glass.

Then there was a dance performance by these guys (sorry, can't remember the group name). Was in the mood with the Streetdance movie screening I had the day before this event.

And finally, after some prizes giveaway again, it was another fashion show. But this time, it's underwear on display!

And after the grand prize lucky draw been made, that brings the event to a conclusion.