Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception (2010) Movie Review

Was treated to the movie Inception on July 17, 2010 at e@Curve.

The show directed by Christopher Nolan, is about Dom Cobb played Leonardo DiCaprio who is an extractor, a person who extracts valuable secret information from a person in his dreams. He was a very gifted and talented one in his field but it has made him a fugitive and has made him unable to return home to see his kids again.

During one of his mission, he was suppose to extract information from Saito, played by Ken Watanabe. When he failed to obtain a key vital information which Saito left out after realizing he's dreaming, the tables turned and Saito tracked down Dom and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to offer Dom a chance of a lifetime, the chance to return home. In order to get that, he has to perform a task for Saito. But instead of extracting information for him, he wants Dom to plant an idea instead.

It was to plant the idea into Saito's rival's son, Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to make him dismantle his father's global empire so that Saito's business will not go bust.

Dom then assembled a team of elites to help him in his mission so that he can return to his kids again.

This was a really great movie, one that surpasses all my expectation. The only other movie I can relate to that is better would be 2012.

I give this movie, 4.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newman 7th Anniversary Party

It happened on the 15th of July, 2010 at a place called Eurostar.

At first I was wondering to myself, "Eurostar? I've never heard of it before".
When I got to that place, only then I knew about the place. It used to be Barcelona where I attended the Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash.

What is it I attended at Eurostar again?
The Newman 7th Anniversary Party.

It started with a rock band called Blister rocking the stage.

These guys are good! They did a couple of famous rock songs cover starting off with Metallica's Enter Sandman. Then they played Highway to Hell and also Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'.

The host and hostess for the evening are Adam C from and Cassandra.

This is actually my first time seeing Adam C. I didn't know he goes for the Fonzie look. No wonder his accent is that way. XD
They had a little prize giveaway to whoever gets up on stage first.

Next off, there was a fashion show on Camel Active.

Lighting conditions were terrible so some of the pics I took may look terrible. -.-
Feeq with his DSLR was also struggling to get good pics. haha.

At least there were to girl models.

There were in total six models.

And the final lineup of the models.

Then, after that, there's another giveaway session but this is an interesting one. 4 guys went up to accept the challenge by stating their heavy drinkers.

They played one of those bar games where each pick a card place it on their foreheads and place their bets on how confident they are that they have the highest card. The bets were the hard liquor drinks on the table and it ain't those mixtures.

There were Absolut Vodka, Chivas and Martell on the table.

The 1st loser, which was the guy above had to down 10 glasses. LOL.
The 2nd, downed 7 glasses, while the 3rd downed 3 glasses.
The winner was requested to down 1 glass.

Then there was a dance performance by these guys (sorry, can't remember the group name). Was in the mood with the Streetdance movie screening I had the day before this event.

And finally, after some prizes giveaway again, it was another fashion show. But this time, it's underwear on display!

And after the grand prize lucky draw been made, that brings the event to a conclusion.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

The Mission:
World Domination
Kelvin Tan aka finalkt3.
Somewhere in Malaysia

My name is finalkt3. I've been sent by Russia to accomplish a covert mission.
The mission, to restore former USSR to it's former glory through world domination!

How do I accomplish it?
I'll take one country at a time. I'll first gather intelligence from all countries around the world. Then we'll disarm all their nuclear weaponry when the time is right after we've rebuilt our powerful implosive device that uses sound waves to wipe out entire countries and nations. Along with that, we will have powerful tiny microscopic robots that devours and disintegrates any solid matters into dusts at our command.
The robot will look like a spider, only it's very tiny.

The mission is already in progress with the gathering of intelligence phase and I've already had assembled a highly skilled team to help me carry out the mission.
Team member #1:
Homer Simpson.

He may seem like an idiot and a buffoon but that's just his front. He's actually there to act stupid so nobody would suspect him gathering intelligence when he does.

Team member #2:
A hacker codenamed Cr@sH

To break into government servers may be a breeze but to hack into government secret service servers we'll need not just a good hacker, but an excellent hacker. Capable of penetrating the most resilient, secured servers. Cr@sH is not only good in his computer hacking skills, but an athletic and nimble killing machine as well. This makes him well equipped to overcome the challenge of hacking into servers that needs the person to be physically there.

Team member #3:
A mind controller named Orlofski.

He'll be a great asset to our team as he'll be able to hypnotize a person to spurting out valuable information within 10 seconds. An incredible feat which earns him the nickname of the mind controller.

Team member #4:
A female undercover spy agent

No team is complete without a female member to provide distraction and to get close to high ranking officials without much of a hassle. Then when they least expect it, BOOM! Right in the kisser.

Some of the tools I'm using for my mission:

Looks like an ordinary pen. But

It's actually a spy camera.

My cat horde minions which can transmit all recorded sights and sounds back to the base.

All this will ensure the victory of Mother Russia.
The project of building our destructive weaponry is already under way.
We're still on the lookout of the best opportunity to disarm all the world's weapons, so beware!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad. Oh wait. No, that's not it.
I wanna be.....The Sorcerer's Apprentice! *Cue dramatic music*

Imagine the magical powers I would possess in my hands, everybody to my whims and fancy, trembling before my godly powers, mwahahahahhaha....ahem. But I'm not that kinda person. -.-

I wanna be the Sorcerer's Apprentice to learn from him all I can about harnessing the great power and how to control it.
And with those powers I would love to help turn the world into a better place.

No money? I'll turn those leaves into money! Okay, that's a bad idea.
No food? I'll turn those rocks into bread! Yeah, that's a better idea. XD

And I'll stop wars, crimes and violence in the blink of an eye. Peace be upon earth.
No more sorrowful tears to cry. For I'll show everyone what they're worth!
Death too shall wave goodbye. Although, I think we need to control birth. :/
And maybe for dramatic effect, I'll fly. All in the name to be loved.

Oh well, one can have wishful thinking and dream, right?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup Street Party

I'm sure whichever corner you turn to, you'll sure to be hearing something about the World Cup. And if you aren't at least following the results of matches, you SHOULD watch the FINALS of the World Cup!

The Match will be played on a Monday morning (2.30am) at July 12, 2010.
The only question is.......where to watch?

If you still do not have the slightest inkling on where to catch the game, let me give you a hint on where the grandest and hottest party in Malaysia for the world cup will be (next to being in South Africa watching the game live at the stadium).

The World Cup Street Party held at Bangsar Telawi 3 organized by Out of This World!!!

It'll be of course held on the night before the match starts, July 11, 2010. Doors will open at 8pm.

What's cool about this party aside from free entry is the amazingly, insane cool prizes you stand to win. And what are they? iPod Touch, Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile Phones, Soccer Jerseys, MP3 Players, WIMAX-Inside 4G Laptops just to name a few. There are 1000 prizes up for grabs and to top it all off, the Grand Prize is a Lotus Elise. Yes, you read it right, a Lotus Elise sponsored by Lotus!

Along with prizes giveaway, there'll be performances by deejays, singers, dancers and so on.
As for the World Cup, there will be a gigantic, humongous, massive giant screen to watch the finals.

So look no further as this is the place to be for the World Cup finals.
To top it all off, print out the flyer below to redeem a FREE drink voucher at P1's booth (while stocks lasts).

PS: This event is only for people who are age 18 and above.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

She's Out Of My League (2010) Movie Review

June 21, 2010, Monday, it was the day I went for the preview screening of She's Out of My League.

The story is about a guy named Kirk Kettner, played by Jay Baruchel who lives a quiet, boring life as a TSA Agent at the Pittsburgh Airport.

Having been dumped by his girlfriend recently, Kirk carries on his uneventful life with his 3 best buddies when suddenly, out of the blue one day, a strikingly beautiful woman out of her haste to catch her plane, accidentally left her phone at the airport security where Kirk was. With the help of her best friend, she calls back her cell, where Kirk receives the call and proceeded to set a meet-up for the phone to be return.

One thing let to another and pretty soon, Kirk started dating with the beautiful girl (whose name is Molly, played by Alice Eve).

With the much trying to live up to expectation and the many people's negative comment on how incompatible they are added up to Kirk's low self-esteem, Kirk and Molly now faces the many obstacles and challenges in order to keep the relationship going.

This movie provides plenty of laughter and is a fun watch. To me, it was a 4 stars out of 5.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Axe Launch Party

Happened on June 8, 2010, Axe had an official launch party to introduce it's product in Malaysia.
The venue chosen for this occasion turned out to be one of my favorite club, Euphoria - Ministry of Sound.

This was how they redecorated the DJ booth at Euphoria, MOS.

And things are prepped up ready to go!

The host for the day, or shall I say night was Serena Choong, more famously known as SerenaC, the deejay.
After a short speech, the Axe Dancers were introduced and surprises in store!

The first theme of the night was beachwear.
The surprise in store was actually this:

They pull a random guy from the crowd, give him a saucy lap dance......

and strips the guy of his shirt. Then pass him a card.

SerenaC was asking the guy what is contained on the card (of course it's part of the act :P).
You guys wanna know?

The card contains this message:
"Call Me 010-225 3344"

What's that number about?
It's actually a wake-up call service, where you tell the girl at the other end of the line what time you wanna be waken up and every morning for a week, from Monday to Friday, you'll receive the wake up call with a perky little message. And no, I didn't call. XD

After an intermission, the second theme:

office attire commences.

This one they go a bit further, the guy they pulled up got covered in chocolate syrup. To me, that's ewwww!

That's when they first started pouring abit.

In the end, the guy ended up covered in it. He looks so overjoyed, haha.
Then they showed a TV Commercial of AXE.

You can view the tv commercial here:
AXE Effect TVC

After a little while, there was an a drama happening at the bar area. Seems to be having a catfight.

and the bouncer stepped in.

SerenaC investigates. The girl says that's her boyfriend and the guy was in total shock. LOL. Guess it's all part of the act.

A dance session where girls stand a chance to win a bottle of Vodka.

And this was the group that won the bottle of Vodka after giving a lap dance. ehehe.

The next theme commences - Jungle, er... thing.

So feather-y everywhere. Somehow this guy gets to keep his shirt on.

Nurses theme up next! Dancing to the Wonder Girls' song, Nobody.

The guy that got pulled up got 2 kisses on the chest.

Somehow, he couldn't get rid of the lipstick mark even after the event. LOL.

And for the last theme, it was really hilarious.
It started off with an inspector stopping the DJ's music and taking a mic on stage ask the guys to be on one side and the girls on the other.
Some people thought it was a real police raid, got really scared and started to make headway to any exit they can find. XD
Some had already left, only then the dancers came out.

It was a police theme.

And this time, they pulled more than one guy to dance with them.

By the way, there's actually five themes because it represents one of the 5 type of deodorant that Axe Malaysia is selling.

The Beachwear - Axe Click.
Office Attire - Axe Dark Temptation.
Jungle theme - Axe Africa.
Nurses theme - Axe Pulse.
and finally police theme - Axe Vice.
(That's how I perceive it)

Those random guys that were pulled up by the Axe Girls stood a chance to win an iPod.

In the end, 6 were left. The rest went home.
Started off with who gets the loudest cheer from the crowd.

And then there were 2 left.
SerenaC mentioned that a striptease competition is to be had.

And the stripping begins.

In the end, this guy won the iPod.

And then the Axe Girls Dancers came out again, each with the different theme attire with the corresponding Axe deodorant product with them.
And lastly, the guy who won the iPod was told to get the party started.