Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

Definition to it would be an evil character or an enemy of a hero.
Synonym to it would include a criminal, a felon, a baddie, a nasty.

We oftentimes hear this and term this in movies, novels and any fictional works of literature or films but never have we called a person in real life a villain before (even though a real life criminal with no qualms of committing his heinous crimes has brought us to dastardly call him so).

Actually, we do have real life villains roving amongst us and these enemies intend to inhibit our phones' intelligence and turn them into dumbphones. Dumb, moronic, useless phones.
It doesn't matter if you're using an iPhone

a blackberry

or my Nokia MusicXpress. -.-

No matter what it is you're using, it'll turn your phone back to the basic phone in the likes of Nokia 3210.

But how does this villain do it? How does he dumb down an intelligent device?
Listen carefully! I'm gonna unveil his evil plan and if I don't live to see another day, please spread the word on!

By charging heaven and earth for Internet access with your phone and pretty soon, you'll be too scared to access the function of your phone and will be no more than a paperweight or a decoration piece.

Lucky for us there emerge a hero in our midst to combat this awful villain. His name is DG Smart Plan, the smarter plan for smartphones. From a low price of just RM68/month, you get to enjoy unlimited Internet access with your smartphones.

For further information on it, head on down to:

Our smartphones depend on it!