Saturday, May 08, 2010

Movies: Furry Vengeance, Iron Man 2

Recently I've been on a movie spree and there's more to come.
The most recent ones that I've watched are Furry Vengeance and Iron Man 2.

The Furry Vengeance screening that I saw was on May 6th, 2010 at Cineleisure Damansara.

The film is a comedic movie that spews forth loads of laughter.

The movie is about Dan Sanders (played by Brendan Fraser) who relocated his family to a suburban area temporarily in order to construct a housing area under the orders of his boss. Little did he know, by doing so, he is threatening the homes of the animals of the forest there.

The animals, led by a cheeky and smart raccoon decided to take action in order to protect their habitat. Their plan was to make Dan's life a living hell till he abandons the project and leaves. Hilarity ensued with all of the mischief the raccoon was plotting against Dan and Dan, his obsession to wage war against the raccoon.

Personally, I feel that this movie is better than watching Iron Man 2 which was a very anticipated movie at the cinemas. And the girls just love those adorable furry looking creatures in the movie. :P

My rating for this movie would be a 3.5 stars out of 5.

As for Iron Man 2, I was invited to the preview screening on April 29, 2010.

It's actually a Charity Movie Screening on about the Haiti earthquake situation.
I didn't attend the pre-movie event though. I heard that there were celebrities and stuff like that endorsing on the charity.

Anyway, the movie although was supposed to start at 9.30pm, it started of around 9.45pm-10pm (can't quite remember. Just knew it was late because I was. LOL).
This was due to the pre-movie event which ended late (or that's what I heard). First time I go for a movie which started real late from it's time. haha. But then again, it's a preview screening.

If you're still stuck in Mars and wondering what's Iron Man 2 is about, Iron Man 2 is the continuation of the movie Iron Man in which Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) had already announced to the world his identity as Iron Man.

In Iron Man 2, he is being pushed by the government to hand over his invention so that the government can produce copies of his suit to use as a weapon for the government. While thwarting off the government's effort on this was not a problem for him, his toxic poisoning resulting from his suit's power source is. On top of that, he has to face powerful, brainy enemies but with the help of the advice of Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson), Tony was able to produce a better power source which solves his toxic level problems by revisiting his father's ideas.

Iron Man 2 was fairly entertaining but lacks the pizazz of an action film. The villain was too easy to be put down (not to mention stupid for such a genius) as their confrontation merely lasts for seconds everytime they meet.

To me Iron Man 2 is an okay movie. Worth to watch once. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

So between Iron Man 2 and Furry Vengeance, I'd say Furry Vengeance is a better watch.

Next movie: On Monday, Robin Hood.
On Wednesday, Bounty Hunter. :D


Aidi-Safuan said...

wah! i really want to watch bounty hunter!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Bounty Hunter coming out on 13 May 2010 at Cathay Cineplexes. :D